the foxhole cottage

Transforming our 1993 builder-grade into a timeless European-inspired cottage.

Nestled on almost an acre of land, surrounded by pine trees and mossy walkways, this simple builder-grade reminded me of a cottage in the woods. I knew it could be something special with a little inspiration and a fresh coat of paint! Join us as we update our first home, loving dubbed The Foxhole Cottage.

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the Foxhole Cottage details

Our 1993 builder-grade home is situated on 0.8 acres surrounded by Carolina pines. We’re in a quiet little neighborhood in a small country town—exactly what we hoped for! The home needs a lot of updating. Although the previous owners made some cosmetic updates, most of the interior is original or not what we envision for the home. Our challenges with this home are its small footprint (1,500 sq ft.), standard 8-foot ceilings with very few windows, a tiny kitchen, and limited storage.

the inspiration

European-inspired cottage design inspires me a lot. I love the quirky nature of these historic European cottages, which mix primitive and modern elements to create a layered and comfortable atmosphere. As I cast a vision for the Foxhole Cottage, some words that inspire the vibe I want to create are timeless, quaint, and cozy.