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How it all started…

From burnt-out registered nurse to passionate home design blogger.

As a new nurse working night shift, I was dedicated to caring for others. While I found fulfillment in helping people during their most vulnerable moments, I also experienced the toll it took on my own well-being.

The long hours and high stress left me feeling drained and disconnected from myself.

Amidst this burnout, I discovered a passion for home decor. What started as a creative outlet—rearranging furniture, experimenting with DIY projects, and scouring thrift stores for hidden gems—soon blossomed into a full-blown obsession.

As an introvert, I draw energy from beauty in my surroundings. I realized that creating beautiful, functional spaces was not just a creative outlet but also a form of self-care.

For me, home is about weaving tales of warmth, comfort, and style into the fabric of a living space, creating a sense of soulfulness.

Here, you can expect a delightful mix of down-to-earth interior design, intentional home decor ideas, and simple DIY projects to personalize your home (all on an everyday budget).

A look back on
my journey…



Working full time nights as a registered nurse I quickly developed burn out. I needed a creative outlet and discovered a passion for home decor and interior design.


Fast forward a few years and we brought home our first baby, Avah Grace. The blog took a backseat as we adjusted to being new parents.


And that brings us to the present…

We are slowly updating our new home lovingly nicknamed The Foxhole Cottage. Follow the progress below!



Moved across the country from Wisconsin to North Carolina and took my first nursing job.


With my newfound passion, I wanted a way to share home tips & tricks with others who are passionate about their homes. I discovered home blogging and I posted my first blog post ever!


We purchased our first home, a 1993 builder-grade! After a few months, we brought home our second baby, Jack Ford.



We bought our first home! Follow along as we update our 1993 builder-grade into a European-inspired cottage!