cozy white house christmas buffet

As I’m writing this, I am outside on my balcony, and it’s literally 70 degrees here in North Carolina on December 2nd. What in the world?? Fortunately, I don’t need cold weather and snow to get me in the Christmas spirit. I’m keeping it festive by chowing down on Andes mints and drinking hot chocolate. Andes mints were a holiday treat growing up. My Nana would always have them for an after dinner mint on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so they really bring on the nostalgia for me. I’m all about memories and nostalgia around Christmas time. I love it! I know I’ve been MIA the last month, but we have been very busy with moving and traveling for Thanksgiving. We are now settled in our quaint one-bedroom apartment, and we are totally in love with it! At some point, I will show a Christmas home tour of the little seasonal touches I made throughout our apartment, but for now I wanted to show a simple, budget-friendly Christmas buffet idea. I wanted to change up my antique buffet and open shelving for the Christmas season with something cozy and dreamy.

I spotted these white ceramic houses in the dollar section at target, and I immediately knew I wanted to use them in my Christmas décor somehow. Not only are they super cozy, but they are also very reasonably priced at $3 apiece.

After arranging them on the buffet, it’s simple to weave greenery between the houses. Faux garland and greens are awesome because they are reusable, but I love the smell and look of the real thing. It’s a little easier for me to work with. Plus, if you get a real tree and have left over trimmings use those to save money! I decided to actually make a garland for the antique buffet, then I just tucked stems into the shelving areas.

To make it dreamier, I got some little fairy lights from Target and wove them into the branches and inside the back of the houses. In total, this look cost roughly $30. $10 for the greens, $10 for the fairy lights, and $9 for the houses. We are really enjoying the cozy vibes coming from this little section of our apartment! Let me know if you enjoyed this post and what else you would like to see!

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