Best Amazon Home Decor Find You Will Love

If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with home decor and Amazon prime. Put two and two together, and I might have an addiction! Accessorizing our home has become simplified with online shopping, and it’s now even more convenient with Amazon Prime. Amazon has been killing it with its home offerings, and I have found many unique pieces for any home decor style.


When purchasing things for our home, I focus on quality over quantity, especially home decor pieces, because I want my home to feel thoughtful and collected. Also, as a minimalist, I focus on finding elevated pieces that are versatile and easily swapped from room to room. These Amazon home decor finds are versatile, good quality, and help elevate your home style. So, get excited because I’m about to serve you the best Amazon home decor finds you will love!

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Amazon Home Decor

SHOP THE POST: Match Cloche | Marble Saucers | Distressed Mango Tray | Curtain Rod | Garden Scissors | Amber Soap Dispenser | Water Carafe | Candle Care Kit | Design Books: Pacific Natural | Down to Earth | Made for Living | Abode | Kitchen Books: Dutch Oven | Gold Oil Dispenser | Origami Glass Cup Set of Two | Gold Espresso Spoons | Condiment Spoons | Rolling Pin | European Gold Peppermill


Shop Home Decor: Match Cloche | Marble Saucers | Distressed Mango Tray | Curtain Rod | Garden Scissors | Amber Soap Dispenser | Water Carafe | Candle Care Kit | Design Books: Pacific Natural | Down to Earth | Made for Living |Abode

Match Cloche

It’s always so exciting when you find an object that is both functional and doubles as decor. This match cloche is stunning and looks so unique and elevated. The oversized matches and beautiful shape make it feel special. Fun fact, this is the exact match cloche brand sold at Anthropologie; only Amazon has more color options! I plan to get a few more to accessorize our bathrooms. Click here the shop the match cloche. 

Marble Saucer

These marble candle saucers are so beautiful and versatile in decorating. They’re natural marble, so they’re good quality and heavy. When styling decor objects, it’s helpful to have various size trays or bowls. Style them empty or with smaller pieces in them. Here, I styled a smaller candle on this marble dish, providing another layer of texture. Click here to shop the marble saucer.

Distressed Mango Tray 

This tray is an excellent dupe for a more expensive antique look. Trays are essential in styling because they allow you to create boundaries for decor objects. This tray would be perfect for collecting smaller things for the kitchen, coffee table, or bathroom counter. Click here to shop the distressed mango tray 

Curtain Rod

This curtain rod is a dupe for a west elm curtain rod. It’s a very minimalist-style rod. I have purchased two in the antiqued brass color for the living room and the baby’s room. However, curtain rods are another pricey investment, and I’d rather spend my money on more fun accents for the home. This curtains rod will save you some money while not compromising on style. Click here to shop the curtain rod.

Garden Scissors

Although this isn’t a decor find perse, it’s one of the home pieces I always use. I love getting fresh greenery and flowers for our home, and the experience of trimming and arranging just feels more special with a beautiful pair of shears Click here to shop garden scissors.

Amber Soap Dispenser

If you can’t afford to buy fancy soaps (or even if you can), using a glass dispenser elevates the look. Busy labels or weird soap colors can throw off the look of your space. Keeping everything uniform in these amber bottles is an affordable way to elevate your home. Click here to shop amber soap dispenser.

Water Carafe

This glass decanter is the perfect nightstand or bathroom addition. It’s a sweet touch and feels high-end to have a water carafe next to the bed or by the sink. This carafe is smaller, but if you want something larger, try this one. Click here to shop the water carafe.

Candle Care Kit

If you’ve been here long, you know I love a good candle. I’m especially partial to high-end candles because they tend to burn longer and smell more potent. However, to get the most burn time out of a candle, it’s crucial to take care of them. For example, did you know you should trim the wick to 1/4″ before each use and then burn the candle until the wax has melted to the edges? Well, now ya know! This beautiful candle care kit includes a wick trimmer, snuffer, and wick dipper. It’s also perfect to style on a tray next to your candle. Click here to shop the candle care kit.


You could say design books are the original Pinterest. There is something so special about paging through an inspiring book. Not only do they serve you up home inspiration, but they double as decor. I have them stacked on my coffee table, built-in shelves, and kitchen counter. Also, just like trays, they serve as a way to collect smaller pieces and create boundaries.

SHOP BOOKS: Abode | Down To Earth | Pacific Natural at Home | Made for Living


SHOP KITCHEN FINDS: Dutch Oven | Oil Dispenser | Origami Glass Cup Set of Two | European Gold PepperMill | Gold Espresso Spoons | Gold Condiment Spoons | Rolling Pin | Gold Chip Clips

Dutch Oven

This dutch oven is a staple for any kitchen. We use it all the time, especially in winter when we make tons of roasts and soups. Click here to shop dutch oven.

Oil Dispenser

If you need one kitchen item, it’s this gold oil dispenser. This is one of the most useful kitchen items, making cooking effortless. It’s also so pretty to leave out on the counter. Click here to shop oil dispenser

Origami Glass Cup Set of Two

These beautiful ribbed glass cups are perfect for iced coffee. This set of two comes with a long-handled stir spoon, straw, and small brush for cleaning the straw. Click here to shop the origami glass cup set of two.

European Gold PepperMill

This stunning gold Pepper Mill is one of my newest additions to the kitchen. I love functional decor accents for the kitchen. Although this is a little more pricey, it’s worth it because it’s a timeless piece that will last a long time. Click here to shop European Gold PepperMill.

Gold Espresso Spoons

There’s nothing I love more than to make everyday moments just a little more exciting with a special touch. These gold espresso spoons are perfect for daily coffee and tea time or unique touch when entertaining. Click here to shop Gold Espresso Spoons.

Gold Condiment Spoons

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love gold accents! We’re slowly building our collection of entertaining supplies, and these mini gold spoons are perfect for condiments. In addition, we plan to use them for charcuterie jams and spreads. Click here to shop gold condiment spoons.

Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is a favorite for baking. I wanted something that was one solid piece because it’s easier to keep clean, and it’s seamless when rolling out dough. It’s also a pretty accent in our utensil container on the counter. Click here to shop Rolling Pin.

Gold Chip Clips

I’ve been trying to slowly switch out the plastic chip clips we have for a more uniform look. These stainless steel chip clips are a perfect accent in the pantry, and they will also last for a long time. Click here to shop Gold Chip Clips.


Styling books in the kitchen is a perfect way to make a practical room feel warmer and inviting. We’re in the process of collecting more beautiful recipe books to display, but so far, these three books are in our collection.

SHOP KITCHEN BOOKS: Sunday Suppers | Gathering | Magnolia Table Vol. 2

Sunday Suppers

This unique recipe book provides elevated breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal ideas for various seasonal occasions. Click here to shop Sunday Suppers.


Not necessarily a recipe book, but this is an excellent resource if you like finding inspiration for floral arrangements or table settings. The pictures are stunning, so it could also double as a coffee table book. Click here to shop Gathering.

Magnolia Table Vol. 2

Jordan and I started watching Joanna Gaines’s cooking show on Magnolia Network. We loved how effortless and delicious her recipes looked and decided we needed her cookbook. We were not disappointed; the recipes are very down-to-earth and attainable. Click here to shop Magnolia Table Vol. 2.


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