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Realistic Faux Garlands for Christmas (2023)

A roundup of the best faux garland for Christmas.

best faux garland for christmas

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As the Christmas season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to bring that festive cheer into your home. 

Christmas garland is a classic element that instantly creates a festive vibe. While we can all agree that traditional fresh garlands have their charm, faux garlands are amazing due to their durability and ease of maintenance. 

I’m usually the girl who loves the “real thing.”

Using real garland has allowed me to change our Christmas look from year to year. Also, as more of a minimalist, it’s nice to throw out all the dead garland at the end of the season, saving a lot of storage space. 

However, with the hassle of cleaning up dried needles and a sad, barely living garland on Christmas Morning, I decided to finally switch to faux Christmas greenery this year. 

I’m confident in this switching over for a few reasons.

For one, we switched to a faux Christmas tree a few years ago and never looked back.

And two, over the years I’ve become comfortable with the Christmas aesthetic I prefer, so investing in nice artificial garlands feels less scary.

Plus, faux greenery is so well made these days that you really can’t tell the difference! 

In this guide, I’m sharing the best faux garlands for Christmas that I think look the most realistic. I hope this helps you choose the perfect festive garland to make your home look magical this holiday season.

graphic of best faux garland for christmas



Should I buy real or fake garland?

Although this is personal preference, if you have pets or kids or just want something low-maintenance, fake Christmas garland is probably for you!

Choosing fake greenery is a simple way to make the Christmas season stress-free and focus on fun Christmas activities! 

How do you make a cheap garland look expensive? 

I hate to say it, but the truth is that cheap garland will look..well, cheap. Buying faux garland is a bit of an investment! That being said, there are some tricks of the trade to make faux garland appear fuller and more life-like!

I recommend saving to purchase the best your budget will allow. If you can’t buy quality garland all at once, slowly build your collection by adding a few every year.

How do you make fake garland look real?

Layer, layer, layer!

Most of us dream of a massive lush garland swag over our fireplace like we see in magazines.

It’s disappointing when our high-end garland falls flat, even with a lot of fluffing. This isn’t your fault!

Looking closely at designer holiday photos, you’ll discover that most mantles are styled with multiple garlands.

The key to achieving the look of fresh garland is to purchase the most realistic garland you can afford and then layer it up!

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Best Faux Christmas Garland

Best Faux Pine Garlands 

Realistic Touch Norfolk Pine Garlands

If you’re looking for a garland that closely mimics the appearance of real pine, the Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland from Afloral is for you!  

With a Scandinavian aesthetic that feels festive yet minimal, this Norfolk Pine is a beautiful choice.

This looks stunning hung as a single garland or is easily layered for a “fuller” look.

The branch tips have wire in each stem, making them easy to adjust and shape with minimal effort. The pine needles and pine branches are soft to the touch. 

best faux Norfolk garland for christmas

As an added benefit, Afloral offers a matching wreath and single-stem pine branches. I love the single stems for styling in a simple clay pot, and they also come in handy as fillers for styling a fireplace mantel. 

Kirklands Norfolk Pine Natural Touch

This Kirkland’s garland is a popular dupe for the Alforal product above. 

I purchased both products to compare quality because the price difference is significant. I honestly cannot tell the difference! Both feel very high quality and look identical, so I kept the Kirklands brand and returned the Afloral garlands. It’s the real deal!

At just $39, this is an affordable garland option if you are on a budget! 

Faux Pine Garland Wayfair

This garland is a collection of realistic long-needle pine with large pine cones sprinkled throughout. You can’t go wrong with this classic look, especially with 5-star reviews!

Best Cypress Garland

Afloral Mixed Faux Cypress and Norfolk Pine Rigid Table Centerpiece- 72″

With a mix of real-touch pine and cypress, this one-and-done garland is the easiest way to style your holiday dining table. Add a few candles to create instant holiday cheer!

Remember, this garland is not flexible enough to style on your staircase. It is purposefully made rigid for a centerpiece.

Real Touch Cypress Pine Garland

Etsy has some amazing options for realistic faux garlands. This handmade Cypress garland is no exception! Simple and festive, this real-touch garland hangs naturally and will add a beautiful look to your holiday decorations. 

Faux Cypress Christmas Garland 72″

This beautiful cypress garland is handcrafted and looks stunningly lifelike, not to mention it has excellent reviews! Crate and Barrel also offer this look in stems, wreaths, and door swags to complete your holiday look.

Best Faux Cedar Garlands 

Real Touch Cedar Garland Afloral 

Cedar garlands have a cozy and traditional appeal, creating a beautiful festive look for the holiday. This real-touch cedar garland from Afloral is a stunning option. The center wire allows it to be easily adjusted to achieve a natural “hanging” look as in nature. It looks so effortless on a fireplace mantel!

Afloral Fake Cedar Greenery Garland – 66”

This cedar garland is soft plastic, so it will not be as easy to adjust as a wire garland. That being said, it is so realistic and has great reviews, too!

Worth Imports 6′ Cedar Garland

This cedar garland has a variety of greens and brown branch tips to create a natural, fresh garland look.

Pottery barn Cedar Garland

A Pottery Barn classic, this cedar garland seems to be a popular choice. For a plastic product, it is quite full and natural-looking. Keep in mind because it is plastic, it will not be as easy to adjust.

Faux Cedar Pine Garland From mCGee And Co

Sweet and simple, this garland from McGee and Co. will give you a traditional Christmas look and will become a staple for your holiday decorations.

Preserved Garland

Boxwood Garland

Another beautiful option, especially if faux garland still doesn’t sound like your thing, is preserved garland. This boxwood product has a traditional look that feels bright and cheery.

Eucalyptus Garland 

Something about using herbs in holiday decor feels very old-world European to me. If this is cared for, it could last a few seasons and is a good alternative to faux garland.

When it comes to Christmas decorating, garlands are a classic piece to have in your holiday home.

I hope this post helps you find the best faux garland for Christmas this year, allowing you to create a festive, hassle-free holiday season filled with joy and warmth.

Happy decorating!

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