natural christmas decorations in an aesthetic living room
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Christmas Home Tour 2022 (With Natural Christmas Decorations)

Natural Christmas decorations are timeless and cozy. In this first-ever Christmas home tour 2022, Caitlin shares inspiration for a natural Christmas home look that blends with any style.

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aesthetic neutral living room brown faux fur blanket and home decor books open

Dune Sofa | Faux Fur Blanket | Cedar Evergreens | Pacific Natural Seasons Book | Floor Pillow

Welcome to our first-ever Christmas home tour! I’ve wanted to do a home tour for a long time, and what better way to do it than with all the Christmas decorations up? 

This year is extra special, because for the first time in our marriage, we are not traveling for Christmas. Instead, my family is coming to visit us! Also, this is Avah’s first Christmas, and Jordan and I are excited to spend Christmas morning with her. Having a kid makes everything feel more magical!

Another exciting thought is this could be our last Christmas as renters. Yes, you read that right! We hope to be in a house by next year (fingers crossed!) I don’t want to jinx anything. Since this is a real possibility, we decided to hold off on buying a bunch of new Christmas decor.

All that to say, our 2022 Christmas decorations are very minimal. However, I love it more than any other year. I hope you enjoy perusing this little home tour featuring natural Christmas decorations! Also, I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas decorations and any traditions you have. Just drop a comment below!

neutral christmas home tour in an aesthetic decorations in an aesthetic living room. neutral christmas tree decor, neutral stockings, neutral packaging.

Living Room

Recently, I shared a post on Winter home decor, and naturally, many of the winter accents we added double as Christmas decor. The beauty of decorating for winter is that we were 75% ready for Christmas before putting up the tree!

We used our little 5′ Magnolia tree from Target for one more year. It’s easy to overwhelm a small stick tree, so lots of lights and a simple string of wood beads feels perfect.

neutral Christmas decorations in aesthetic living room. Stick Christmas tree with wood bead garland, cozy faux fur blanket, and neutral stockings. Staged for a Christmas home tour.

Hearth + Hand Christmas Tree (Similar) | Wood Bead Garland | Fur Tree Skirt | Geometric Wool Rug | Natural Jute Rug Sheepskin | Velvet Lumbar Pillows | Dune Sofa | Faux Fur Blanket | Cedar Evergreens

aesthetic neutral living room brown faux fur blanket and home decor books open

Faux Fur Blanket | Pacific Natural Seasons | Floor Pillow

Knit Stocking (similar) | Faux Fur Stocking (similar) | Garland (similar) | Tree Skirt (similar)

Dining Room

Next, in the dining room, natural Christmas decorations create a cozy nook in the bar area. Evergreens, tiny vintage bells, and a FREE antique ship print feel simple yet impactful. I also have a new obsession with blue and white vintage dishes. These beautiful dessert plates are from a vintage Christmas market and have been a special touch this season.   

dry bar area with a christmas art print of a sketched ship in the water.


Next up in the home tour is the kitchen. A kitchen can be hard to decorate for Christmas without feeling overdone. So, I keep it minimal with garland topping the light fixtures, seasonal coffee syrups, a bowl of fruit, and some greenery by the stove.

Cedar Garland | Favorite Coffee Syrup Brand | Breville Espresso Machine | Hand Towel Set | Sunday Suppers Recipe Book


Bathrooms are similar to the kitchen in that decor accents should be very functional. This hand soap from Stoffer Home smells fantastic and looks so high-end. Along with the marble dish and fresh greenery, this bathroom is ready for all our holiday guests.

Fraser Fir Soap | Marble Dish | Vintage Mercury Glass Votive (similar)

Avah’s Nursery

The nursery is still a work in progress, but I wanted Avah to have a little Christmas tree. Avah’s room is a vintage, whimsical, forest theme. Natural Christmas decorations, such as woodland animals and wooden mushrooms, are the perfect touch and blend seamlessly in her room.

nursery christmas decorations. mini christmas tree with mushroom ornaments and woodland creatures.

Hearth + Hand Mini Tree | Squirrel Ornament | Fairy Lights | Wood Mushroom Ornaments (similar) | Felt Bird Ornament | Oversized Wooden Mushroom

I hope you felt inspired and excited for the big day with this Christmas home tour; thanks for sticking with me! Natural Christmas decor is so versatile and fits with any home style. So comment below with your favorite Christmas traditions, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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