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How To Customize Pendant Lights With This Easy Ikea Torared Hack

Easy Ikea Torared Hack to update existing pendant lighting in your home.

Looking for an easy upgrade for your existing pendant lights?

Well, this little Ikea hack is going to really transform your space! 

The best part is it requires no electrical work and no battery-operated bulbs!

I finally discovered a quick and easy way to eliminate the builder-grade pendant lights above our kitchen island. All while adding charm and character to our all-white rental kitchen. 

Living in rental spaces can be challenging, especially when you love personalizing your home.

As a renter for 10 years, I feel your pain! One of the easiest ways to make your home feel more custom is by updating light fixtures.

Whether you looking for budget-friendly updates or just dying to customize a boring rental, this Ikea hack is a super easy and affordable way to transform ugly pendant lights.

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Ikea Torared Pendant Light Shades

Who doesn’t like clever Ikea hacks?

Ikea products are known for being super affordable and also renter-friendly. 

Since I wanted to add some natural materials and textures to our kitchen, the 14″ Torared Pendant Lamp Shade caught my eye.

The Torared light shade is made of natural seagrass, so it’s the perfect natural element to break up an all-white kitchen.

At only $31.99 a piece, it’s an insanely affordable light fixture update perfect for your living room, bedside table, or above a dining table too.

Ikea (and other stores) have many pendant lights you can substitute for the Torared to personalize your look.

Whatever you choose, ensure your pendant shade has a narrow opening at the top so the original light fixture will fit through.

ikea torared diy in kitchen

Top Picks For Woven Pendant Light Shades

If you love the look of the Torared pendant shade but don’t have an IKEA nearby, here are a few other shades to inspire you!

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Easy Ikea Torared Hack Tutorial


How to Install:

  1. Unscrew the original glass shade, light bulb, and anything else too large to fit through the top of the Torared shade. Depending on the light fixture, a screwdriver might be required.
  2. Test the Torared shade with your pendant light.
    • Ensure the pendant light will fit through the top of the Torared shade.
    • If it does not fit, remove the metal ring from the top of the shade by clipping the zip-ties that hold it in place.
  3. Finally, feed the Torared shade over the hanging light, reinstall the light bulb, and you have a new light fixture!

NOTE: Hold onto the metal rings if you have to remove them! As you can see in the above photos, due to the design of my pendant light, I could not use the metal prong insert that came with the lampshade. However, it came in handy at our other apartment to secure the shade to my light.

Final Thoughts

This Ikea Toared hack is insanely easy and instantly adds character and charm to any space.

Check out the woven pendant light inspiration below for more ideas, and drop a comment below if you try this Ikea Torared Hack!

ikea torared pendant lamp shade hanging in kitchen

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