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ORC Week 5: Finishing Touches on the Murphy Bed Wall

Here we are in Week Five of the One Room Challenge, and if you are tired of hearing about this Murphy bed wall, I don’t blame you!

I am so ready to be done with this part of the project and move on to the fun stuff!

For those new here, I’m currently participating in a design challenge that involves designing and renovating one space in my home in just eight weeks!

Our room of choice is our two-year-old’s bedroom. I thought this was a great first project for our new home, the Foxhole Cottage. 

Last week, I added faux cabinets to the front of the Murphy bed and started replacing the baseboard and crown molding. This week, the goal is to finish up the Murphy bed wall so I can turn my focus to paint, wallpaper, and all the fun stuff!

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Crown and Baseboard

Adding the crown with all the little cuts on the bed took longer than anticipated. We were able to repurpose all the crowns and baseboards to save money. The only purchase was one piece of baseboard, so we had a solid piece running across the front of the bed and built-ins.

Dummy Knobs

I found these chunky British Bun knobs on Amazon. I wanted something noticeable, but that looked cottagey. These are perfect. They don’t come with screws, so I purchased these, and we hand-screwed them into the knobs with plyers. Once the knobs were ready, we predrilled holes and then screwed them into the bed.

Vertical Shiplap

We added some shiplap to the wall behind the bed to add a little texture when the bed is open. I have wanted to do this since we built the unit; it makes a difference! I still have to caulk and fill the nail holes.


Finally, we added shelves to the built-ins. The easiest way to add the shelves was to use shelf support pegs. I predrilled holes and then popped them in. We don’t plan to move these shelves a bunch, so I just drilled the holes we needed for two shelves on either side. In the future, more can be added if needed!

I can finally call this Murphy bed wall done! Be sure to check back next week as I decide on a paint color and start some fun design elements!

If you’d like to check out the design plans of the other participants, you can find them at the One Room Challenge Blog.

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