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ORC Week 6: Sweet English Cottage Wallpaper

Wow, we are officially in Week 6 of the One Room Challenge.

For those new here, I’m currently participating in a design challenge that involves designing and renovating one space in my home in just eight weeks!

Last week, I completed the Murphy Bed Wall in our daughter’s English cottage bedroom, and this week, I decided to tackle the wallpaper.

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English Cottage-Inspired Wallpaper

I chose a sweet vintage-look English wallpaper pattern by G P & J Baker. This Poppy Sprig Wallpaper In Aqua has soft blues, greens, and gold on a creamy background. I chose a more subtle color palette to paint all the trim in a pop of color.

Initially, I planned to paint in week 6, but it was too difficult without any hard finishes installed. If you have ever tried to paint with color paint, you know what I mean!

Hard finishes are elements like sinks, faucets, door handles, and lighting- elements that cannot be removed easily. I don’t think Wallpaper is considered a “hard” finish in the traditional sense, but it will not be removed for a long time, so I’m including it!

As someone very visual, I think it is better to finish other design elements before painting anything!

Okay, now on to the wallpaper!

I love that this wallpaper doesn’t require soaking or pasting directly on it. Instead, you paste the wall first and then apply the wallpaper. This makes it pretty easy and low-mess.

I did not anticipate how tricky it was to get all those little flowers lined up! It’s not perfect, but I did my best, and because the pattern is busy the imperfections are not too noticeable!

This is my first time wallpapering with a pattern, and I am amazed at how instantly cozy and high-end the room feels. Initially, I was going to do a board and batten on the bottom half of the wall and wallpaper the top half, but I am so glad I opted for full-length wallpapering.

We are one step closer to finishing this room! The design challenge has only two weeks left, so keep checking in for updates.

If you’d like to check out the design plans of the other participants, you can find them at the One Room Challenge Blog.

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