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dupe of the week: anthropologie chair dupe for half the cost

If you didn’t know, we recently moved to a new apartment, and I’m currently in the process of planning out our living room. Everything seems to move so slowly in the design process, especially since we’re saving cash to pay for everything. Furniture can be so expensive, especially if you want quality pieces. I’m trying to determine my splurge/save items, which is difficult for me because I love quality stuff!

Dupe of the Week: Anthropologie Furniture Dupe for Half the Cost | Caitlin De Lay Blog | Home + Lifestyle Blogger

anthropologie chair dupe

Since my past posts on West Elm Dupes have been such a hit with you all, I thought doing a “Dupe of the Week Spotlight” would be a fun way to share fabulous furniture pieces I find in an easy-to-digest format. Although Anthropologie always has the most beautiful and unique products, they usually tend to carry a hefty price tag, so it’s nice to find alternatives when possible. 

In planning out the living room layout, I’ve been on the search for a comfy leather chair to add a different texture to my space. I use so much linen and light colors that I think the leather color and texture will add depth to the room.

One chair that caught my eye was this beautiful leather buckle chair from Anthropologie. I fell in love with it right away, but the price tag is pretty steep! So, I set out to see if there were any dupes I could share with you guys if you’re as in love with it as I am.

To note, the Anthropologie chair dupe I found on Overstock is not genuine leather, but the color seems to be pretty realistic and not too “orangey.” It’s a pretty decent match for the original. Click on the hotspots in the photo or widget below to check them out.

Also, I would love your input on what you think of doing a weekly “Dupe of the Week Spotlight”! Enjoy!

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