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47+ Best West Elm Dupes That Will Save You Money

A round-up of affordable West Elm dupes.

West Elm is well-known for their beautiful mid-century modern furniture and home accents that stand the test of time.

While West Elm offers affordable price points for designer furniture, did you know you can find West Elm Look-A-Likes for a fraction of the price?

That’s right! You don’t have to settle. You can have stunning, high-end pieces no matter your budget!

If you’re ready to achieve mid-century modern vibes in your home without a high-end price tag, here are 47+ West Elm Dupes that will help you save and still decorate in style!

Shop West Elm Dupes

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through the links in this post, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This affiliate commission allows me to review products and create new content to share on the Caitlin De Lay Blog.

Best Stores to Find Affordable Dupes:

If you’re hunting for West Elm Dupes, you may wonder what is equivalent to West Elm?

West elm look-alikes can be found just a click away at stores like:

With an impressive range of styles, these stores offer furniture selections with West Elm style but at a more affordable price point!

Interior designers shop at these stores to get a similar look as pottery barn, west elm, Serene, and Lilly, at a better deal.

Many of these online stores also offer free shipping, which can be a considerable money-saver with a large piece of furniture.

Want more tips to find West Elm Dupes? Click here to discover my Top Tips to Find West Elm Dupes at a Fraction of the Cost!

47+ West Elm Dupes

West Elm Dupes for the Living Room

Floor Lamps & Table Lamps

West Elm – $203

Target – $79.99 / All Modern – $154

Sphere lighting is a perfect choice to subtly add a mid-century modern flare. I bought the lamp from Target a few years ago, and even though my style has changed since, it gives a modern accent to Avahs’ Classic Nursery.

West Elm – $199

Wayfair – $109 / Wayfair – $90

The brass and marble accents make this lamp feel so high-end, and the Wayfair dupes are about half the cost!

West Elm – $399 / Wayfair – $250

This mid-century modern fixture is timeless and would be a perfect architectural statement for a dining room, living room, or kitchen.

Sofas & Sectionals

West Elm – $1359 / Wayfair – $830

Velvet is making a comeback. I love how closely these sofas resemble each other, and the Wayfair sofa is under $1000 on sale. It also comes in different colors and has great reviews!

West Elm – $1,804 / Wayfair – $875

Mid-century modern style, this sectional is the perfect size for small spaces.

West Elm – $2,798 / Wayfair – $1840

With clean, modern lines, this perfect look-alike sectional is an affordable alternative to the West Elm Haven sectional.

West Elm – $3299 / home Depot – $2142

It is difficult to find a genuine leather look-alike that is significantly cheaper. This comparison is of the 86″ leather sofa from West Elm and an 85″ leather sofa from Home Depot.

West Elm – $1,799 / Wayfair – $1000

If you liked the West Elm Haven Sectional (above) but need something smaller, these couches might pique your interest.

West Elm – $2,847 / Wayfair – $1,460

The signature Andes sectional from West Elm is an iconic design perfect for mid-century modern homes. This Wayfair couch is a perfect look-alike for a great deal! However, the Andes may be a better option if you want to customize. Choose from various fabric materials and customize your seat depth as well!

West Elm – $1,999 / World Market – $1,199

Slipcovers are back in, ya’ll. And not just for Farmhouse lovers! Forget all those ill-fitting farmhouse slipcovers of the 2000s. Instead, fall in love with this perfectly tailored slipcover that feels relaxed yet sleek and modern! This sofa has a down filling and looks similar to the cloud sofa. Everything can be removed on this sofa, including the back cushions!

Accent Chairs

West Elm – $699 / Wayfair – $187

The perfect way to add high-end pieces to your home is with smaller furniture pieces, like accent chairs! I can imagine two of these chairs side by side in a living room.

West Elm – $499 / Wayfair – $218

Super cute and comes in multiple colors.

West Elm – $849 / Wayfair – $373

One of my favorites! This is the perfect chair to curl up in and read a book!

West Elm – $799 / Wayfair – $460

This chair is a perfect statement piece for those who love mid-century modern design and relaxing in style!

West Elm – $1,299 / Wayfair – $490

Comfy swivel chair. More than half off the West Elm brand, the Wayfair chair is super cute and has many fabric options too!

West Elm Coffee Tables

West Elm – $299 / World Market – $180

I love a clean and simple coffee table. Plus, the World Market model has an extra shelf for storage which is a massive plus for any space.

West Elm – $699

Wayfair – $206 / Overstock – $311

I’m obsessed with this amazing look-alike! Full disclosure, the look-alike from Wayfair is not a natural marble top. Personally, I don’t like fake MDF marble. Although it’s not a perfect look-alike, the Poly + Bark coffee table from Overstock is made with natural marble and gets you that same mid-century look.

West Elm – $499 / Overstock – $308

Round coffee tables are perfect if you have a tight space or have a chaise/L-shaped sectional. Both of these options have real marble tabletops.

West Elm – $699 / Walmart – $349

Modern Art Deco style. This look-alike is of excellent quality. Gold accents with the marble tabletop make this feel very high-end.

West Elm – $799 / Wayfair – $399

This coffee table is meant for the modern household with its modern angled legs.

WEST ELM – $1,199 / ALL MODERN – $510

One of my favorite items, this spherical coffee table is a fun touch with its oversized rounded base. It also comes in light wood or black!

West Elm Consoles & TV Stand Dupes

West Elm – $849 / Wayfair – $499

This mid-century modern beauty would be perfect for a TV stand, entry table, or buffet in your dining room. So many options!

West Elm – $1,249 / Wayfair – $603

A larger mid-century option comes in this acorn color or white.

West Elm – $680 / World Market – $350

This slatted media cabinet adds texture to any space.

West Elm – $1499 / Target – $400

Love these wooden accents on the Quinn Media Console. Although the Target dupe doesn’t come in white, at such a low price, easily paint the cabinet white and keep the doors natural for a perfect look-alike!

West Elm Dupes – Dining Room

West Elm – $1,899 / Homary – $567

Loving this fluted pedestal dining table with a marble tabletop! This dupe is a close look-alike for the West Elm Ellington round dining table with over $1,000 in savings!

West Elm – $899 / wayfair – $540

Simple yet elegant, it’s all in the details with this minimalist-style table!

West Elm – $1,999 / World market – $999

So many modern art decor vibes with this dining table! The world market table can easily be painted black to match the West Elm Shapely Legs Oval Dining Table.

West Elm Dupes – Bedroom Furniture

Bed Frames

West Elm – $899 / Target – $395

Emmett Grid Tufted Bed Dupe – I’m obsessed with this charcoal-colored bedframe. I have the same color in my bedroom, and if you decorate primarily in neutral colors, this bold charcoal bedframe will anchor your room.

West Elm – $1,399 / Wayfair – $630

West Elm Mid-Century Bed Dupe – Here’s a classic bed frame that won’t go out of style. The Wayfair dupe is more than half the price of the West Elm Mid-century bedframe and looks just like it!

West Elm – $1,199 / Wayfair – $220

West Elm Emmett Vertical Tufted Bed – The vertical lines on this bed creates a subtle texture for any space. Not to mention, it’s a totally unique look!

West Elm – $1999 / Wayfair – $960

As much as I love tufted headboards, there’s something perfect about this simple upholstered bedframe. Gray is my favorite color, so this light-heather color is to die for!

West Elm Nightstands & Side Tables

West Elm – $399 / Wayfair – $150

Mid-century modern closed nightstand with plenty of storage. Both brands come in an acorn color too, but I love white!

West Elm – $398 / Wayfair – $149

This hex-shaped side table is everything. This look-alike has real solid marble on top!

West Elm – $449 / Target – $189

This gold and glass side table would be perfect in a living room or as a nightstand. Here’s another option from Wayfair.

West Elm – $407 / Walmart – $199

I love marble everything, so I love this marble top nightstand. These nightstands are identical, and the look-alike is REAL marble on top!

West Elm – $499 / Target – $200

Love this Target dupe for the Quinn closed 2-drawer nightstand! Similar to the console dupe, if you paint the main part of the nightstand white, you have a perfect look-alike!


West Elm – $1399 / Wayfair – $880

Classic mid-century modern dresser. It comes in white as well!

West Elm – $1,199 / Wayfair – $419

This would be a perfect changing table for a nursery. It’s simple yet clean and modern, with roomy drawers perfect for storage!

West Elm – $1,199 / Target – $350

Another West Elm Quinn Dupe. I love this chest of drawers, and the Target duper perfectly captures the modern style.

Home Decor & Accessories

West Elm Rug Dupes

West Elm – $179-$1699 / RugsUSA – $69-$419

This Moroccan rug is neutral but still has a lot of character with a fun pattern. I have the Souk Wool rug from West Elm in my living room. While I love the pattern and modern look it brings to my living space, it sheds like crazy! Perhaps a synthetic material would have less shedding. I found another similar option from RugsUSA that is 100% wool.

West Elm – $499-1,349 / Wayfair – $169-330

Checkered rugs are trending right now, and this rug would look so cute in a nursery or study.

Home Decor

West Elm – $123 / World Market – $89

I love the shape of these baskets, and although the look-alike isn’t exact, it still captures the overall style.

West Elm – $45 / World Market – $11

Velvet pillows are vibrant and cozy!

West Elm – $249 / QVC – $135

No space is complete without something green! A faux fiddle leaf is a perfect addition whether you like real or fake plants. QVC offers a coupon for first-time customers (usually $5-$10 off).

Top Tips to find West Elm Dupes for a Fraction of the Cost

Shop Sales

Watch for sales if you want to splurge on an authentic West Elm piece. 

  • West Elm has 30% off storewide a few times throughout the year.
  • Wayfair usually offers 20% off coupons for new customers, so buying a large item (like a couch) saves you money. 

Open Box Deals

On many sites, you can get open-box deals. These are products that people return for various reasons, and they cannot sell at full price anymore. Review why it’s an open box and what is wrong with the product before buying. 

Shop Floor Models

This is a great way to save if you’re okay with gently used products. Call stores and ask if they have floor models they would sell at a discounted rate. I got my coffee table from World Market, originally priced at $400 for $100 as a floor model.

Browse Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is my first stop, no matter what I want to purchase. Try searching “West Elm” and see what comes up and then try searching for specific names of products.

Read Product Reviews

This might seem super obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning! Purchasing online can be stressful because you can’t physically see the product. Customer reviews are your best friend! 

Browse Customer Photos

I always feel more comfortable purchasing if I see customer photos first. It helps me better understand the product’s quality, size, and color. 

Read Product Descriptions

When buying a dupe, consider the product materials and description closely. For example, some products say “marble top,” when it’s actually a “marble look” made from MDF. This can make a huge difference!

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