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17 Insanely Affordable Anthropologie Primrose Mirror Dupes

Primrose mirror dupes that will save you money and add a high-end look to your home!

primrose mirror dupes graphic

One of my favorite things to share on the blog is the art of achieving high-end style on a budget. 

Finding affordable alternatives to the real thing will help you achieve the aesthetic you crave while stretching your budget throughout your home!

If you’ve ever seen the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, then you know this iconic, vintage-inspired mirror exudes elegance and luxury.

The Primrose makes a great statement piece and focal point in any space. However, its hefty price tag makes it a distant dream for many of us! 

Recently, I stopped in at one of my favorite local antique shops and found a vintage mirror that reminded me of the Primrose mirror.

It was a perfect look-a-like, and I plan to use it above Avah’s dresser for a whimsical girly touch. However, it could easily go anywhere in our home!

That got me thinking about other ways to get this elegant mirror at different price points. And low and behold, there are so many affordable alternatives to this mirror all over the internet! 

In this blog post, I’m unveiling a treasure trove of the best dupes for the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror at a fraction of the price.

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Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror

If you have no idea what the Gleaming Primrose Mirror is, here is the iconic mirror everyone loves.

This ornate gold mirror boasts a unique shape and vintage-inspired look. It comes in different sizes and finishes, so it works well with any home style. 

If the real deal is within your financial reach, go for it! 

It truly is worth the money and is so well made. We all have different financial situations and budgets, and there is nothing wrong with spending your money on something you want! 

Accent mirrors are a great investment because they add a bold focal point and can be moved throughout your home if you want to change something up. 

On the other hand, if you need to stretch your budget, I have some insanely good, just-as-fabulous, gold vintage mirrors that will get you the look of the gleaming primrose mirror! 

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Best Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes 

Cummon’s Wall Arch Mirror

This Wayfair find is the perfect Anthropologie mirror dupe. The ornate details and design style are almost a perfect match! It comes in different colors and sizes and is about half the cost of all the primrose mirrors, especially when a sale is going.

Gold Ornate Carved Large Wall Mirror

Kirkland’s Gold Ornate Carved Wall Mirror is one of the best alternatives for the gleaming primrose portrait-sized mirror. It’s slightly larger, with very similar detailing around the frame. It’s almost half the price at $145.99, and when it’s on a 50% sale (or you have a coupon) it’s only $75!

Medium Classic Arched Vintage Style Gold Framed

Home Depot seems like an unlikely place to find a gorgeous gold mirror! At a smaller size, this gorgeous mirror is a perfect option for a small powder bath or above an entry table.

Better Homes & Gardens 20″ x 30″ Arch Metal Wall Mirror

This Walmart mirror wins for the most affordable option. At only $65, this is a great option for smaller spaces and it is very similar in size to the Primrose Portrait Mirror which costs close to $300. 

Aticus Ornate Mirror

This beautiful mirror from Birch Lane is a great alternative to the Primrose. Select from three different sizes and save about $150 compared to the Anthro version. 

It is on the pricier side for a dupe but still saves you a bit of money! 

Emmeline Arch Metal Wall Mirror

If you want a more subtle ornate look, the Emmeline mirror might be a great option! Emmeline comes in an antique gold finish or black. I can picture this looking perfect on a mantel with a lower ceiling.

Euri Baroque Arch Wall Mirror Antique Gold Mirror

With an antique gold finish for a vintage look, this mirror comes in two sizes and is over half the cost of the Anthropologie version. Here is the link to the wider size.

Christany Arch Metal Wall Mirror

This Primrose mirror dupe is about the size of the smallest Primrose mirror and half the cost! It also comes in four distinct colors, so you’ll surely find something that works in your home! 

Metal Vintage Style Leaning Full-Length Mirror

If you need a floor-length mirror, this World Market option might be what you’re looking for! At 58″ high, it’s perfect for an entry or a bedroom, and it comes in antique brass or black.

Damiere Oval Metal Wall Mirror

For a round option, the Damiere Oval Mirror from Wayfair is an excellent alternative to the Anthro round mirror. It is a smaller size but comes in four fabulous finishes! You can also find this same mirror at Home Depot for slightly less.

​Dia 30 x 32 Gold Round Mirror

Another round mirror option that is a closer size match for the round primrose is the Dia from Lamps Plus. This mirror is gold, and I love the extra detailing around the frame, making it feel higher-end. At $221, it’s over half the cost of the Anthro one!

Ornate Filigree Mirror

The Filigree Mirror from Pottery Barn Teen is a great option, especially if you want a larger size. The 60″ floor-length design is a steal at $499 and gets you the ornate look of the Primrose.

Golden Wooden Mirror

Zara’s golden wooden mirror is an excellent option for a smaller wall mirror. It is a few inches shorter than the portrait mirror but is almost a third of the cost at only $129!

Tudor Mirror

If you’re searching for a massive full-length mirror, this Tudor Mirror from Perigold is absolutely stunning! At 87″ tall, it’s a fraction of the cost of the Anthro floor mirror costing only $750!  

Toulouse Wall Mirror

This mirror isn’t an exact match for the primrose, but I love how the mirror captures the vintage vibe of the Primrose. This one might be a great option if you’re craving a different shape or look!

Keith Arch Wall Mirror

Here is another wide mirror that works really well above entry tables or a dresser. This mirror is a great size and comes in a vintage gold and black making is suitable for any home style.

Gold Bordeaux Ornate Leaner Mirror

Another great find from Kirkland’s, this ornate gold mirror is the perfect Primrose dupe and comes in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors! Again, the great thing about Kirkland’s is they are always running a sale and it’s so easy to get your hands on a coupon!


Finding affordable alternatives to the real thing without sacrificing style is easier than you think! 

Whether you decide to splurge on the real deal or save yourself hundreds with one of these Anthro Primrose mirror dupes, you can achieve the aesthetic you want no matter the budget! 

Comment below and let me know what you think of these Primrose mirror dupes and if you use them in your home!

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primrose mirror dupes graphic

List of the Best Anthropologie Primrose Mirror Dupes

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