baby girl woodland inspired nursery design
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Avah’s Woodland-Inspired Nursery Plans & Progress

Baby girl woodland inspired nursery design plans. Immerse yourself in a world of whimsical woodland creatures, layers of textures, and soothing earthy tones. 

baby girl woodland inspired nursery design

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Welcome to our enchanting woodland-themed nursery design! 

Avah’s Scandinavian-inspired woodland nursery plan is the perfect mix of whimsy and feminine that will be easy to update as she grows.

Although I’ve had Avah’s room “mostly” put together for the last year, it’s still unfinished. 

With our rental agreement close to ending this Fall, I didn’t want to put much money into it with an impending move. I decided to hold off until I knew where we were moving and what limitations I would have.

(Speaking of a move, I have some exciting news coming in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!!)

Nursery designs were the furthest thing from my mind until becoming a parent last year. Now I realize the importance of creating a special room for her to enjoy, create in, and grow.

Plus, I didn’t realize how fun it would be to create a nursery design! 

In this post, I am laying out the general plan for her nursery/toddler room, although many details are not yet set in stone. 

I hope this woodland nursery inspires you to create a beautiful space for your little girl too!

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Woodland Themed Nursery 

Woodland Theme Nursery Inspiration & Vision

Since Avah is already one, this nursery/big girl room design needs to be flexible to sustain her through her toddler and early childhood years. 

My vision for this nursery is a Scandinavian-inspired whimsical woodland motif.

The minimalist aesthetic and natural elements in Scandinavian design perfectly marry with the serene and calm beauty of the woodland theme.

My goal is to craft a playful baby’s room that sparks imagination yet is calm and serene, so it’s her favorite place to hang out. 

Woodland Nursery Ideas

This nursery by Jenna Sue Design is such a sweet little girl’s room. It has all the storage solutions and fun nooks that make a kid’s room feel magical.

Love the combination of patterns and soft hues in the McGee Nursery.

This was one of my first inspirations for a woodland nursery. I love the magical elements and colors used in this little girl’s room.

Love the calming atmosphere in this nursery and the layers of natural textures!

Woodland Nursery Theme Design Plan

Vision Board

baby girl woodland inspired nursery design

The design will incorporate natural textures, soft hues, and playful woodland accents for a tranquil aesthetic that will grow with her into the toddler years.

With storage at a premium, one main goal is to create more storage and functional play zones.

Before having Avah, I was all about a neutral nursery aesthetic. While this design is still quite neutral, I incorporated some soft girly hues into the color scheme. 

Easily swap out the pink accent colors for greens and blue to create a baby boy nursery instead!

Focal point

Paint and wall treatments are a great way to accomplish a focal point.

Creating a perfect backdrop on the nursery walls simplifies the rest of the design process because you don’t rely on all the small decor items for the “wow” factor. 

There are many great ways of creating a focal point, whether an accent wall, mural, animal motifs, or wallpaper.

For this woodland-themed nursery, the big feature in the room will be a woodland wallpaper around the top half of the wall.

To offset the cost of the wallpaper and add texture, we are adding vertical shiplap wainscoting that will extend 3/4 of the way up the wall. 

Woodland Wallpaper Ideas

I haven’t settled on anything yet, but here are a few front runners for the woodland-inspired wallpaper ideas.

I’m obsessed with this dreamy forest wallpaper: The Swedish Forest, White.

This wallpaper caught my eye in Jenna Sue’s recent makeover for her daughter’s room: Alshawn Wallpaper

woodland nursery wallpaper

Subtle and neutral, this pattern feels very Scandi-European to me: Ericka Animal Print Wallpaper

baby girl woodland inspired nursery

Rifle Paper Co. woodland scene: Fable In Cream

Nursery Furniture 

Scandinavian Crib 

Natural wood tones are prevalent in Scandinavian design. This Scandinavian-inspired crib features a fun arch on either side. With such a simple design, the arch adds softness and reminds me of the scallops in the rug.

This Jenny Lind Crib is also beautiful if you love a more classic look.

For a budget-friendly option, the IKEA SNIGLAR crib would be a perfect substitute. 

Antique Dresser

Mixing old and new is the key to creating a design with depth and interest. 

Adding an antique dresser is a beautiful way to do this. I found a dresser on Facebook Marketplace that was low enough to double as the changing station. (Vintage-inspired dressers above as an alternative.)

I have never loved the look or idea of a separate changing table because I didn’t think we would use it long enough to be worth the money. I was right!

Add a changing pad to the dresser, and you get the same effect! 

The top drawers are perfect for diapers, burp cloths, and other baby accessories. 

As a side note, we also opted for the Keekaroo changing pad. It makes those baby blowouts super easy to clean up. No need to fuss with washing those changing pad covers!

Rocking Chair

A comfy chair is a must-have for any nursery or kid’s room. 

This Sleepytime rocker adds a modern touch with all the other feminine elements in the room. 

The deep seat allows space to curl up, read a book, or rock Avah to sleep.

The only con is it doesn’t rock well on the carpet. A glider would be a better choice in that case.


Lighting is key for any room, but especially a nursery. 

A mix of overhead light for playtime and mood lighting creates a functional, calm atmosphere.

This chandelier is playful yet versatile as she grows, and a mushroom lamp is a great option for cozy reading light. 

Woodland Nursery Decor Ideas

Rugs & Drapes

Regardless of having carpet in the room, a rug is almost always a good idea. 

The blush pink scallops in this rug tie in with the blush pink faux velvet drapes from Amazon. 

There are so many great options for rugs, but I have found that something soft and comfortable is the way to go for a nursery. 

Also, if you have hardwoods, consider getting a nice soft rug pad to give it an extra cushion. 

Wall art 

Woodland animal nursery prints like this vintage bunny are a great way to add art without spending much of the budget.

For a really fun and unique touch, a three-dimensional element like this whimsical rabbit is a great addition too!

Bed linen & Textiles

I have used the Mushie brand crib sheets and swaddles, and I love them!

Their 100% cotton muslin sheets are super soft and breathable, and come in various colors and patterns. 

A patterned quilt adds interest and can be used as the baby transitions to an open bed.

Decor Items

The decor items are just the cherry on top!

I incorporated some whimsical forest elements like these hand-carved wooden toadstools (linked to similar), a mushroom basket, and a beautiful mirror above the dresser.

Some other important elements include easily accessible bookshelves, a table and chairs, and a fun mushroom basket to hide away toys!

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