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A Magical Enchanted Forest 1st Birthday Party

Enchanted forest 1st birthday party for baby girl. With a few magical additions, turn rustic forest decor into an enchanted woodland affair fit for a little girl. 

enchanted forest 1st birthday party ideas

An enchanted forest birthday is the perfect Spring party theme for little girls. With toadstools, wildflowers, a magic fairy potion, and stump smash cake, this theme will create a magical day for your party guests! 

I’m sharing my take on the Enchanted Forest party theme I DIY-ed for our daughter’s first birthday. 

This was our first time throwing a birthday party (shout out to all the moms out there… it was more work than I expected!) Thankfully, the decorations and food we chose were low-maintenance and simple.

I had so much fun planning this theme and designing the decorations, so I hope you find something you can use at your next party!

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log smash cake

Enchanted Forest Theme

Enchanted Forest and woodland party themes are all about adding delicate magical elements. While looking for inspiration for this party, I found a lot of fairy-inspired party decor. However, I didn’t want it to be a fairy party, so I opted for a magical woodland vibe instead.

You can really run with this party theme because there are so many fantastic ideas. However, keep in mind your location and time constraints!

Since we used our community clubhouse for the venue, we couldn’t set up beforehand, so, keeping it simple was a good idea!

Our community clubhouse was a perfect venue location–and free! We set everything up outside next to the turf, which made for great photos.

It would have been perfect, but about 10 minutes into the party, we had a downpour and had to run everything inside!

I was so disappointed that the pretty table was disassembled entirely, but at least I got a few photos to share! Thankfully the kids still had a great time!

enchanted forest party theme invitations

Enchanted Forest 1st Birthday Party Invitation 

The first thing to think of is the invitation. For Avah’s party, I chose an e-vite because it is much more affordable and saves a lot of time!

For beautiful and aesthetic e-vites, go with Paperless Post. They have easy-to-use systems that produce stunning invites to text or email to guests.

Pink and gold balloon arch
Pink and gold balloon arch

DIY Balloon Arch

At the party’s entrance, we had a welcome sign with giant 24″ white balloons so everyone knew they were at the right place.

This beautiful balloon arch was the perfect spot for a photo op! My sister was fantastic and put this arch together. It didn’t take long and added a wow factor to the party’s entrance!

Enchanted Forest Floor Dessert Table

My inspiration for the food table was a whimsical forest floor complete with mushroom caps, moss, and fallen logs. 

This is a great idea because it’s insanely easy to put together, but it looks like you spent hours arranging it. You can find almost everything at a local Michaels, Hobby Lobby or order online from Amazon.


enchanted forest party food

To start, I used this gold sparkle tablecloth. I think the gold sequences add a magical element. 

Next, create the base of the forest floor with a twisted grapewood vine and birch logs. Then, stagger and stack wooden platters and cake stands to make various heights for the food display. 

I used four wooden platters, one large cake stand, and one small cakestand (for the smash cake.) Even though we had other food dishes, these items helped form a basic structure for food placement.

Next, tuck moss all through the logs and around the platters to make the logs feel like they have been there a while. 

woodland table decor

Finally, add in some whimsical elements, such as toadstools and wildflowers! 

This was the fun part because it really started to come together. I used three wooden mushrooms from Avah’s nursery decor. Also, I found these colorful paper toadstools to stick in between the logs.

Lastly, tuck wildflowers throughout the display. Trader Joe’s has wax and bud flowers that work perfectly for this. Try finding bright colors to create an enchanted feel. I also scattered a few bud vases throughout the tablescape to introduce different heights.

enchanted forest party food
fairy potion punch for enchanted forest 1st birthday party
fairy potion punch

An Enchanted Brunch Menu

Brunch food feels magical, and it’s also an affordable menu idea.

Our main dish was a waffle bar. We balanced the sweetness with savory sides like bacon and tea sandwiches.

For a special drink, I made a delicious “Fairy Potion” punch topped off with some “pixie dust” (edible shimmer).

Main Menu:

  • Waffle Bar
  • Egg salad
  • Chicken salad


  • Forest Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, blackberries)
  • Yogurt
  • Nutella
  • Granola
  • Coconut
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Maple Syrup


  • Mossy Cupcakes & Smash Cake (DIY tutorials coming soon!)


  • Fairy Potion (DIY tutorial coming soon!)
  • Water
  • Coffee
mossy woodland stump smash cake for 1st birthday party
edible mossy cupcakes with meringue mushroom cake toppers
mossy cupcake with meringue mushroom

Mossy Birthday Cake

This smash cake and cupcakes look like a custom order, right? Well, surprise! They are just some ready-made cakes from the grocery store that I enhanced to match the theme!

All I did was make two different types of edible moss and some chocolate bark for the sides of the cake.

Then, I ordered these adorable (and tasty) meringue mushrooms from Etsy for the cake topper.

Right before the party, I just popped them on the cake and cupcakes, and they looked like a million bucks!

welcome birthday sign for enchanted forest 1st birthday party

Enchanted Forest 1st Birthday Party Prints

A great way to keep a theme cohesive in party planning is to make signage.

I designed Avah’s invitation on Canva.com, then resized the invitation design to make a Welcome sign, Thank You cards, and beverage signs. I also made a few food signs in a basic script font.

I printed my digital items through Staples’s online printing service and picked them up the next day. They offer high quality, affordable printing.

My order totaled around $35, and everything came out great. Unless you have a professional printer, I highly recommend going somewhere to print.

Fun Activities

There are so many ideas for birthday activities. Just keep in mind kids are more easily entertained than you realize!

Since we were not allowed to do a bounce house or ball pit at our clubhouse, we had to go simple.

I bought some jumbo bubbles, a few coloring books, and crayons, and that’s all it took! These simple elements were a fun activity that entertained the kids for hours!

favor box with enchanted forest 1st birthday party thank you note
thank you cards for enchanted forest 1st birthday party

Party Favors

Lastly, we thanked our little guests with some party favors. This is totally optional, but it’s a nice touch.

I added the custom “thank you’s” to the front of these white gift boxes and filled them with little kid-friendly trinkets, like Playdough, slinkies, sticky hands, and flower tattoos.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Avah Grace!

This day was filled with friends and family, and we had the best time Celebrating one year of life with our beautiful Avah. Here’s to another year of getting to know and love our baby girl!

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  1. How did you make the edible moss for the cupcakes? I’m also doing an enchanted forest theme for my daughter!

  2. So pretty! Can you also share with me how you did the edible moss as well? I’m also doing an enchanted forest theme for a baby shower.


    1. Hi Tina! The Edible moss is really easy. It’s just crushed graham crackers and green food coloring! I crushed the crackers in a ziplock baggie, added green food coloring to the bag, and mixed it up. To use on cupcakes, put the moss mixture on a plate and dip the frosted cupcakes in the mixture. Hope this helps!