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One of my favorite features of our apartment is this massive stainless steel sink on our kitchen island. We’ve always had sinks with dividers, so this is our first farmhouse-style sink, and I love how much more funtional it is.

Since the sink is the first thing you see walking into the apartment, we try to keep it tidy and visually appealing. I wanted to avoid a big bulky drying rack and also be able to store everything away when not in use.

One of my goals in our new apartment was to create functional organization systems where there is a place for everything. Unfortunately, I feel like the kitchen sink is one of those places where things quickly get gross and dirty, so I tried to find an easy-to-maintain organization that keeps everything decluttered.

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Kitchen Sink Essentials

1. Over-the-sink silicone drying rack. 

This drying rack is probably my favorite kitchen purchase of all time. That sounds dramatic, but you’ll understand why if you get it. Versatile and visually minimal, it serves as a drying rack for dishes and a place to clean fruits and veggies. The silicone material makes it heat resistant and non-slip, and the steel rods make it heavy-duty and resilient. It easily rolls out over the sink, and after use, we roll it back up and tuck it out of sight under our sink. Click here to shop the Silicone Drying Rack.

2. Kitchen sink sponge holder. 

One kitchen sink item that gets grimy and gross quickly is the sponge. I found that we were tossing it into the brush holder where it couldn’t dry out correctly or just leaving it in the bottom of the sink–gross! This sponge holder is so functional and keeps everything grime-free. In addition, it’s self-adhesive, so it’s an apartment-friendly product. Click here to shop for Sponger Holder.

3. Adhesive Plastic Storage Bin

Decreasing visual clutter is one of my home goals. For example, I go through stages with the kitchen sink, where sometimes I enjoy displaying my kitchen brushes, and then I decide I want it to be more minimal. This plastic storage bin is great for storing brushes and pan scrapers; they are still easily accessible but out of sight. Click here to shop Adhesive Plastic Storage Bin.

4. Gold Towel Rod

Having a hand towel close by is a must-have for the kitchen sink. This beautiful self-adhesive towel rod is a perfect space-saving option. Click here to the shop Gold Towel Rod.

5. Amber Soap Dispenser

Another great way to decrease clutter is to keep everything visually uniform. For example, weird colored soaps and busy labels can make your sink area look cluttered. Instead, I love using these amber soap dispensers. It’s a beautiful way to style an everyday functional product. Click here to shop the Amber Soap Dispenser.

6. Natural Pot Scrubber

Another must-have for your sink is a pot scrubber. I love these bamboo pot scrubbers from Amazon because they are functional and double as a natural accent on the counter. Click here to shop the pot scrubber set.

These must-have kitchen sink essentials have made it a breeze to keep our sink area decluttered and functional! We love having a designated place for every item. Click below on the pictures or any highlighted links to shop for these products.



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