When we moved into our new apartment, we desperately needed better organization in our home. So when my nesting mode kicked in during my pregnancy, I started working through each room, trying to organize every little thing (I know the moms out there can relate!) Although I completed some more significant projects, many little spots still need attention. Cords and cables seem to be one of those hard-to-organize items. They usually find their way into a junk drawer or scattered around the house. It’s always frustrating to hunt down the right cord when you’re in the middle of something important. Amiright?! I know I’m not alone in this, so I wanted to share some easy cord storage ideas to help you reclaim your junk drawer and stop wasting time looking for the charger!

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Cord Organization Step-By-Step

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Amazon has been my go-to place recently for organizational products. I found a Tea Storage Organizer with a hinged lid for the larger cables, and for the smaller cords, thumb drives, and earbuds, I found an adjustable cord organizer.

Clear plastic or acrylic products are the best for cord organization because it makes everything easy to find and quickly grab. I also like that each cord has its own little compartment because one of the best organizational tips I have learned is to create a designated spot for every item.

Collect and Sort Cords

First, collect all the cords around the house and sort them into a “keep” or “donate” pile. We found that many of our cables were outdated or went to something we had already donated. We also discovered a lot of old technology tucked away in storage boxes, so we purged those.

Wrap Cords Neatly

Next, use these adjustable silicone zip ties to wrap each cord individually. These zip ties are perfect for cord organization because they can be attached to the cord, so you don’t lose it. In addition, using the same colored zip ties gives everything a visually uniform and decluttered appearance.

Organize and Label

Lastly, arrange the cords into the plastic compartments. This tea box has large compartments, so if we have multiples of one type, we can easily fit them in a compartment together. Similarly, this smaller organizer has adjustable sections to accommodate bulkier items if necessary. Labeling each slot is also a great option if you want to go a step further. I just purchased this label maker and will be trying it out soon. 

We’re excited to finally have all our cords in one spot, neatly wrapped, and easily accessible. I hope this cord organization inspires you to reclaim that kitchen junk drawer (we all have one!) so you can save time and energy in the future!

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