labeled pantry container in kitchen
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How to Label Pantry Containers (FREE Pantry Label Download!)

How to label pantry containers in three easy steps with my free printable pantry labels!

labeled pantry container in kitchen

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An organized pantry is the first step to a functional kitchen space. 

Properly labeled pantry staples are the best way to maintain pantry organization, find what you need quickly, and know when to restock.

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Labeled pantry goods will also save you money because it reduces waste. 

I can’t tell you how often I’ve bought something only to find multiple half-opened packages in the back of the pantry!

In this post, I’m sharing how you can create a functional and beautifully labeled pantry in just three easy steps!

Let’s get started!

How to Label Pantry Containers

1. Organize and Declutter Pantry Items

    First, begin by organizing pantry items into groups of similar items. 

    To start, pull everything out of the pantry shelf-by-shelf.

    This way, you can evaluate what you have and throw away expired products/things you won’t use. 

    Organize each item into piles with similar products.

    Below, I share how I stored different food types in my kitchen. 

    Storage boxes & Baskets: 

    • Oils, vinegar, nut butter
    • Canned goods
    • Snack foods
    • Supplements
    • Extra baking supplies (cocoa, extra flour/sugars)
    • Alternative flours/grains

    Clear Containers:

    • Frequently-used baking ingredients 
    • Nuts & Seeds

    2. Invest in Food Storage Containers

    Getting proper organization takes a little upfront investment. 

    I recommend investing in glass containers and natural weave baskets.

    These materials will create an elevated look but are more sustainable than plastic containers. 

    However, plastic may be more functional and safe if kids grab things from the pantry. 

    Using what you have for storage containers is an option, but if you want an aesthetic and cohesive look, find items that go together.  

    Whatever you do, a mix of open and closed storage containers are necessary.

    minimalist basket labels in pantry

    Storage boxes and Baskets

    Perfect for unattractive bagged/boxed items you go through quickly or don’t buy often enough to have in a glass jar. 

    I use mine to store snacks, alternative flour/grains, supplements, and canned items. 

    While shopping around Home Goods and Marshalls, I found these baskets, but they carry the same style at The Container Store for a similar price.

    Clear Containers

    Clear containers are perfect for keeping pantry dry goods fresh and knowing when to restock.

    Half-opened bags of sugar, flour, and nuts often get lost in the back of the pantry.

    Putting these pantry staples into glass storage jars keeps them fresh, cuts clutter, and lets you know when to restock. 

    While glass jars are a little more expensive, they are more durable longer-term and make the pantry look more expensive.

    Mason jars are perfect for nuts and seeds, while wide mouth jars make it easy to scoop out sugar and all purpose flour.

    I purchased many KORKEN jars from IKEA and mixed in these beautiful walnut lid jars from Target. 

    If you opt for mason jars, these beautiful wood lids are an aesthetic way to elevate the look. 

    Lazy Susan 

    Lazy Susan’s are a great way to contain smaller items that get lost in large baskets.

    I used mine for yeast packets, sprinkles, bottles of extracts, and other baking supplies—Lazy Susan from Target.

    3. Label Pantry Containers

    Now that you’ve organized pantry goods and invested in the proper storage, it’s time to label your pantry containers. 

    Labeling pantry essentials is a perfect opportunity to add an aesthetic touch with some stylish labels. 

    It’s worth noting not every item in your pantry needs a label. 

    Some products in clear jars, such as chia seeds or marshmallows, are easy to identify and don’t require a label. 

    Personally, I prefer a more minimal look so I only label what isn’t obvious.

    How To label Pantry Containers

    Sticker Labels

    Sticker labels are a great way to label your clear containers. 

    They come in many different materials, but I recommend water resistant and oil-resistant vinyl labels or polyester labels. 

    These are the most durable options and are also easy to clean. 

    I created a simple set of custom labels as a free download if you want to use them in your home. Otherwise, you can find the template in my Etsy shop here

    metal basket labels for pantry organization
    basket label in pantry

    Basket Label Cips

    These basket clips are fantastic! 

    Just slip it onto the front of the basket and add a paper or card stock label to the slot to keep your food organized.

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    How to Make Custom Pantry Labels

    Make your own pantry labels with my free pantry label download below!

    These printable pantry labels will add a modern aesthetic to your pantry while also making it super functional! 


    After you’ve printed the labels, trim along the cut line, and apply them to your pantry jars!  

    NOTE: These pantry labels are 3″x3″. I’ve included 6 sample labels for your use. If you want to personalize, change the font style, or require different sizes, purchase the template from my Etsy shop and customize them to your heart’s content. 

    How to Organize Your Pantry (Free Pantry Label Download) | Home Décor | DIY | Kitchen | Caitlin De Lay Blog

    Tell Me What You Think!

    Keeping pantry items clearly labeled is the best way to organize and make your kitchen function seamlessly! 

    Now it’s your turn; tell me how you organize your pantry. I would love to hear!

    Also, if you have tried my pantry labels in your home, drop a comment below and let me know how you like them!

    FREE Pantry Label Download

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