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7 Best Tips for a Perfect Beach Maternity Photoshoot

A beach maternity photoshoot is the perfect way to show off your baby bump and capture the beauty of pregnancy. In this post, discover my 7 tips for maternity beach pictures, and get inspired by our family session!

Surprise! We have a new addition coming to our family! Baby #2 is coming in September 2023, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Our family beach vacation fell at the perfect time during my pregnancy, and we knew the beach would offer the perfect backdrop for maternity portraits.

I didn’t get professional maternity photos with my first pregnancy because Avah came early, so I was determined to get them this time! Luckily, with the second baby, I am showing really early, so 22 weeks was a great option.

beach maternity photoshoot

We love how Jill Disney captured this family session and are thankful to have these special moments frozen in time forever!

If you’re planning maternity photos this summer, the beach is a perfect organic setting to capture your beautiful baby bump! Here are my 7 best tips for a perfect beach maternity session!

beach maternity photoshoot
beach maternity photoshoot
beach maternity photoshoot

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7 Top Tips for Your Maternity Beach Photoshoot

1. Choose a Photographer With a Style You Love

Every photographer has a different style of editing and taking photos. Keep this in mind as you look for your photographer. 

Some are very artistic, while others are more classic and structured. 

Some have airy and natural editing styles, while others prefer heavily edited and high-contrast images.

Look through their portfolios and choose a photographer with an editing style you love for the best results.

Also, specifically search for maternity photographers. Not everyone is skilled photographing a pregnant woman, which will affect the end product and your satisfaction with the session!

beach maternity photoshoot

2. The Best Time of Day to Schedule Your Beach Maternity Photoshoot

The best times for a beach maternity photoshoot are sunrise sessions or sunset sessions. 

During these time frames, there is beautiful, soft, natural light.

Full sunlight is harsh and very hot during the summer and it is difficult to get good pictures while squinting in the bright sun. 

We opted for a sunset session which turned out lovely. It was a bit overcast, so we didn’t get all those golden hour colors, but I actually love the slightly moody look of our photos!

3. Pamper Yourself for Your Pregnancy Photos

Making sure you feel amazing is the first step to getting beautiful photos. Splurge a little to enhance that beautiful pregnancy glow you already have! 

For example, with this photoshoot, I got an airbrush spray tan, had my nails and toenails done, and got my hair freshened up. Many mamas get professional hair and makeup done for their photos. 

Maternity photos are worth the splurge because you want to feel really comfortable and relaxed going into the shoot.

4. What to Wear for Your Beach Maternity Shoot

With your changing body, finding something you feel beautiful and comfortable in can be difficult. 

For a beach setting, neutral colors with many natural textures look best. Flowy dresses achieve an effortless, dreamy vibe, while tighter dresses accentuate your baby bump more. 

My outfit of choice was a dress this dress from Free People.

This shoot doubled as a family session, so I mixed in a soft color and subtle pattern to add interest since my dress was plain white. 

Although quite pricey, some high-end photographers offer a full package for mamas, including professional hair and makeup, and a client closest with tons of options for maternity dresses. With this option, you can show up and enjoy the process with no stress!

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5. How to Pose for Your Beach Maternity Photoshoot

Most of us aren’t natural models in front of the camera; at least, I’m not! 

I advise making a Pinterest board with your favorite poses and sharing them with your photographer. 

Most photographers will be happy to recreate these special moments for you. It also gives you and your significant other a chance to prepare mentally. 

After a few sessions with Jill, we learned that the appearance of movement makes photos look next level. Little things like touching your partner’s arm, kissing, and keeping your body relaxed are all things that appear like natural movements on the camera. 

6. Choose the Best Location for Your Beach Maternity Photoshoot

The best location for a photoshoot really depends on the look you want. 

If you have little ones, think about the convenience factor. We were spending the week in a beach house, so we literally had the photoshoot on the strip of beach in front of the house. This was very convenient with a 1-year-old that needed to go to bed quickly! 

Also, I wanted some plant life in the photos to balance out the blues of the ocean. Even a few sparse plants made it look lush and natural. 

If your photographer lives at the beach they will probably have some great locations in mind so check with them for advice!

beach maternity photoshoot
beach maternity photoshoot

7. Embrace the Moment

My last tip is to embrace the moment and go with it! 

Beach weather can be unpredictable, especially at the end of April when we had our vacation. Storms were rolling in and out every day, and the temperature was unpredictable too.  

It was cold and overcast the day of our photoshoot, and I thought it would be a disaster. 

Instead, we ended up getting a stunning maternity photo session! Trust your photographer and try to be in the moment!


What is the best color for a beach maturity photoshoot?

It depends on your look, but neutrals and muted colors look great for a beach photoshoot.

The lighter colors will draw attention to your face and highlight your bump. Light pink, blue, green, and different shades of white are great colors.

How many weeks pregnant for a maternity photoshoot?

Usually, 28-36 weeks is a good time to schedule your maternity photos.

Some pregnant women show earlier than others, so as long as you have a noticeable bump, you are good to go.

Don’t schedule them too late because you never know when the baby will decide to come!

beach maternity photoshoot
pregnant woman in beach maternity photoshoot

We are so obsessed with our beach maternity pictures! They are some of our favorite family photos, and we are thankful we got one more session as a family of three.

Congratulations on your new little one, and take a moment to appreciate this sweet moment and all your body is doing to create life.

I hope my tips and tricks gave you plenty of inspiration for your own beach maternity photoshoot!

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