Do you cringe at opening kitchen cabinets because you don’t know what will fall out? Or perhaps you are tired of over-stuffed, jammed drawers when reaching for your favorite spatula. I hear ya! After living in small apartments for the last six years, we have learned having a designated spot for every item is the best way to cut the clutter and use our home to the fullest. Generally, small spaces feel even smaller when cluttered, so keeping the kitchen organized creates the illusion of a larger kitchen.

Organizing the kitchen was the first project we tackled in our new apartment. First, before purchasing anything, we went through every cabinet and drawer and purged old appliances and gadgets we rarely use. Starting with a deep clean gave us a better perspective of what kitchen organization products we needed. Not only has the kitchen organization decreased my anxiety because I know everything is in order behind the scenes, but it’s also made cooking and cleaning more efficient.

In this post, I’m sharing all our kitchen organization finds to help motivate and empower you to create functional kitchen organization that will help keep your cabinets decluttered while saving you time and energy!

Kitchen Organization from Amazon

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Drawer Organization

Bamboo Organizer
This organizer is great for oversized items like spatulas and whisks. We keep all the spatulas in one section, whisks in another, and we have a massive pizza cutter we keep in a slot too. Click here to shop Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer.

Bamboo Storage Bin Set
We love these versatile organizers because they give a designated spot for all those small items. Think chip clips, wine corks, measuring cups, and spoons. Click here to shop Bamboo Storage Bin Set.

Silverware Organizer
This is another expandable organizer we love. It has all the compartments for utensils plus two additional slots on the sides and one on the top. Additionally, a small removable knife block is included in the top compartment which is perfect to organize our cheese knives. Click here to shop Silverware Organizer.

Knife Organizer
We wanted to declutter our countertops and only keep necessities out, so we found this in-drawer knife organizer. It’s narrow enough so we can still fit our potholder beside it. Click here to shop Knife Organizer.

Cabinet Organization

Bottle Organizer
This is one of our favorite kitchen organization finds. It keeps all our to-go thermoses and shaker bottles together and accessible. There is nothing worse than digging through a cabinet for a to-go mug and then not finding a lid to go with it. This find is a must-have for any kitchen. Click here to shop Bottle Organizer.

YouCopia Divided Lazy Susan
These lazy susan’s are perfect for organizing smaller pantry products like vanilla, cupcake sleeves, and yeast. In addition, they are divided into three easy-to-grab clear containers so you don’t have to take the whole lazy susan out of the cabinet to find one thing. Click here to shop YouCopia Divided Lazy Susan.

Bamboo Lazy Susan
This bamboo Lazy Susan holds our coffee canister, coffee syrups, and stirring spoons. It’s 10″ across, so it fits nicely in a narrow cabinet and makes everything evenly assessable. Click Here to shop Bamboo Lazy Susan.

Mug Hooks
These mug hooks have helped save us space in our coffee mug cabinet. Although these probably wouldn’t work for more oversized mugs, they are perfect for freeing up space for smaller, daintier coffee cups. In addition, these are apartment-friendly and require no drilling or screwing for attachment. Click here to shop Mug Hooks.

Mesh Storage Baskets Set of Three
These heavy-duty baskets are great for extra pantry goods. They have a nice sturdy bamboo handle which makes them easy to grab. They are great for storing extra flour, sugar, or spices. Click here to shop Mesh Storage Baskets.

YouCopia Lid Organizer

I think this lid organizer would be better suited for a drawer rather than a cabinet, but our kitchen doesn’t have deep storage drawers. Regardless it keeps our lids organized so we can find what we need. Click here to shop YouCopia Lid Organizer.

Stackable Plastic Bins
These stackable bins are perfect for holding extra soaps and concentrates. We also tuck our garbage bags into the bottom and pull out the center of the bag through the handle. We can quickly grab a bag without having to dig through the cabinet. Click here to shop Stackable Plastic Bin.

Pot Organizer
The pot organizers we have are not from Amazon, but these are very similar. These have saved us so much cabinet space and helped us avoid stacking pots and pans. Click here to shop Pot Organizer.

Stainless Steel Basket Clips

We use these clips all over our house. Easily clip them on the front of your basket and label all your pantry products. Click here to shop Stainless Steel Basket Clips.

Acrylic Stackable Drawers

Another one of our favorite kitchen organization finds for under the sink are these acrylic stackable drawers. They hold our dish washer pouches, sponges, and dish cloths. Click here to shop Acrylic Stackable Drawers.

Stone Utensil Jar

This utensil jar is actually a garden pot from the Study McGee line at Target. This jar is both a functional and beautiful accent piece for kitchen counters. It has a large mouth so it fits so many cooking spoons and utensils. Click here to shop the Stone Utensil Jar.

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