water bottle organization in kitchen

Smart Ways to Organize Water Bottles in Your Kitchen

How to organize water bottles in kitchen cabinets and drawers. Simple and functional water bottle storage ideas to keep your kitchen decluttered!

water bottle organization and storage in kitchen

Water bottles and travel mugs can quickly clutter kitchen cabinets and drawers.

In addition, organizing water bottles presents a few challenges because they are often awkwardly shaped and have multiple parts making them difficult to keep together. 

After years of missing bottle lids and protein shaker bottle parts showing up randomly, I finally decided to designate some storage space for our water bottles. 

Our kitchen is relatively small, so finding creative ways to organize the cabinets is essential. 

Simple and functional is my motto for organization.

If I need to invest a few extra dollars in something that will make my life easier, it’s worth the additional cost! 

Today I’m sharing some practical ways to organize and store water bottles. Both for small spaces and kitchen with lots of room!

Plus, I’ll share how I organize our water bottles and travel mugs in our small kitchen. 

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water bottle organization in kitchen

How to Organize Water Bottles in Kitchen

How can I organize my water bottles? 

  1. Sort all bottles into “favorites” and “rarely used” piles. First, the best way to start any organizing project is to eliminate the excess. Sort through all your reusable water bottles, travel mugs, and tumblers. Place them in “favorites” and “rarely used” piles.
  2. Donate anything you don’t use regularly. Keep enough for every family member who needs a to-go mug or water bottle, and donate the rest. Anything with missing/broken parts, go ahead and toss. 
  3. Keep all bottle parts together. How annoying is it to be rushing out the door for work only to find your coffee mug doesn’t have a lid that matches? Here’s an easy fix: keep all bottle parts together. For example, our protein shaker bottles have three parts. We put the silver ring inside, screw on the lid after washing, and put it in the cabinet. Do the same for water bottles and travel mugs. This way, there are no loose pieces cluttering drawers or turning up missing.
  4. Organize for easy access and to maximize available space in your kitchen. Ideally, you want to reach into the cupboard, grab what you need or effortlessly put it away. If it takes a few extra dollars to buy the storage solution that makes life easier, it’s worth the financial trade-off!
  5. Keep all water bottles contained in a single cabinet or drawer space. If you can’t accommodate everything in one spot, put similar items. For example, keep water bottles in one cupboard and travel mugs in another. 
water bottle organization in kitchen

Best Water Bottle Storage Ideas

How do you organize water bottles in a cupboard?

Use vertical space to organize bottles in cabinets, especially in a small kitchen.

Most modern cabinets have adjustable shelves that move to accommodate stackable water bottle organizers. Here are a few different ideas for organizing your cupboards:

Water Bottle Organizer 

Did you know they actually make organizers for water bottles? Well, my mind was blown!

The easiest way to store water bottles, and my favorite, is a stackable water bottle storage rack.

These are perfect for cabinet shelves because they stack vertically and accommodate different sizes of water bottles.

We use this clear plastic water bottle rack in our home, but this one is also a great option for different sized water bottles.

I love the practicality of having a space for every water bottle and travel mug. 

Wine Rack 

A great way to repurpose a wine rack is to use it as a water bottle holder in your cabinet.

These are a bit more restrictive for the size of bottles you can accommodate, but they are still a winning option! 

Magazine Holders 

Affordable and creative, magazine holders are a perfect water bottle storage solution!

You can really find these as cheap as you want or repurpose what you already own.

While I don’t recommend this option for easy access, it’s great if you have many extra water bottles.

Lazy Susan

A simple solution for cabinet bottle storage is a lazy Susan. The raised sides help contain the bottles so they don’t fall over as the Lazy Susan spins. 

Plastic baskets

Clear containers or plastic bins may be a good option if you are storing water bottles in a lower cabinet. This is also a good solution if you have a lot of extra bottles.

While these may not create the most accessible option, they will keep everything in one place so you know where they should go.

Door Shoe Organizer

A fun water bottle storage hack for a tall pantry cabinet door is using a door shoe organizer. This is a simple option if you have lots of water bottles and is super affordable too!

How do you store water bottles in drawers?

A kitchen drawer is a perfect solution for organizing water bottles and travel mugs.

Drawers are especially great for taller bottles that don’t fit well on a cabinet shelf.

So whether you have a traditional drawer or a panty roll-out drawer, here are a few water bottle storage ideas for you!

Drawer Dividers for Deep Drawers 

Drawers are a great way to organize water bottles and travel mugs.

If you have a deep drawer with a lot of space, drawer dividers create smaller compartments to keep the bottles neatly in line.

This is a simple way to separate water bottles from travel mugs and any other type of reusable bottle you may have. 

Plastic Bins 

If you have roll-out drawers, drawer dividers may not work.

Instead, try using plastic bins or storage containers to keep bottles organized. This allows easy access and prevents them from falling over whenever the drawer is pulled out.

What’s your favorite way to organize kitchen water bottles and travel mugs? I would love to know, so comment below!


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