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Honest Review of Our Maiden Home Dune Sofa (2024)

Maiden Home Dune sofa review. An Honest Review of Our New Maiden Home Sofa and Ottoman. This is NOT a sponsored post, so you get my honest opinion!

Maiden Home Sofa Review

maiden home dune sofa review

When we started the hunt for a new sofa, I had no idea how stressful it could be! 

Our old sofa was a $700 discount sectional, and while it served us well, we envisioned something else for the living room. 

It’s been almost a year since we purchased our Maiden Home Dune Sofa and Ottoman. So, it’s a great time to give you an honest review of this sofa. 

Buying furniture online site unseen can be stressful, especially when it has a high-end price tag attached! 

If you’re anything like me, you want every detail before purchasing. 

So that’s what I will give you today—a comprehensive, detailed review of the Dune sofa and our Maiden Home experience.

Our top requirements for the new sofa:

  • Minimalist aesthetic 
  • Durable and performance fabric
  • Affordable high-end quality build
  • Durable cushions
  • Comfortable for lounging

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Maiden home dune sofa in living room

What We Purchased

First, let me share the details of our furniture. 

Our Maiden Home sofa is the Dune 100″. It is available in many sizes and different sofa styles. In addition, there are four upholstery options available in multiple colors. We opted for the Performance Linen in Oyster. 

We also purchased the Dune Square Ottoman 32″x32″ with Performance Linen in Oyster.

Sofa Details

Our sofa is down feather, with a single bench cushion and two back cushions.

Ottoman Details

I ordered the ottoman about a month later. The ottoman provides the functionality and comfort of a sectional while providing an extra moveable seat option in our tiny apartment living room. 

Maiden Home Dune Sofa Review

Initial Impressions and Quick Review

Here’s the quick and dirty of our first impressions of the Maiden Home Dune sofa. 

The 100″ sofa seems much bigger in person, but this was a good surprise. It is also relatively low-profile compared to our other couch.

The high-end quality of the sofa really comes through in person.

The frame is heavy, so it doesn’t slide easily. It feels like a solid piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

The Performance Linen slipcover has a smooth appearance and is soft to the touch. I was worried the Oyster color wouldn’t be white enough. However, it’s a perfect warm white keeping the living room cozy. 

At first, the cushions seemed too overstuffed, but within a couple of days, they relaxed and continued to do so. 

The ottoman was, unfortunately, underwhelming. The design is awkward; it looks like a giant pillow on a base. The slipcover needs a tighter fit because the cushion tends to slide around on the base. Some velcro would probably help!

The Dune Aesthetic 

I first saw the Dune slipcover sofa in Jenni Kayne’s lake house and instantly fell in love. The couch is even more stunning in person. 

As a minimalist design lover, I wanted this statement piece in our living space.

The Dune has a California coastal feel. It has modern, clean lines while maintaining a comfortable and casual look with the linen slipcover. This sofa can work in modern or traditional styles.

The dune is also beautiful from any angle. We have it up against our wall, but it would also look great floated in a space. It’s an all-around elegant piece of furniture. 

The Dune sofa comes with hand-sewn slipcover upholstery. The slipcover fits like a glove with a bit of give, so you can take it on and off. 

I was excited about the convenience and practicality of removable covers because I could clean the entire sofa. Especially with a baby on the way! 

Additionally, I love the versatility of changing the color/fabric or being able to replace the entire slipcover without buying a new sofa. 

Since this sofa was a financial investment, we wanted something that made a statement yet was versatile enough to change things when we wanted. The Dune checked all those boxes. 

Dune Sofa Price

Compared to other high-end furniture brands, Maiden Home seems reasonably priced! 

Similar sofa styles from high-end shops like Amber Interior and Six Penny were $5,000-$10,000. That was totally out of the question for our budget!

We settled on a $4,000 budget, which still seemed like a lot for our frugal minds. Let me just say I picked up a lot of overtime to buy this sofa!

The 100″ sofa was $3,200 with white glove delivery included (taxes not included). The ottoman was another $1,000 all in.

When purchasing, be aware that the costs often change on their site. Fortunately, I took a screenshot of the sofa and the listed price, thinking nothing of it. I noticed it was almost $300 more at checkout than the price in my screenshot. Customer service honored the price on the photo, which I very much appreciated. 

Another newer price change is that their white glove delivery is now a $95 mandatory fee. This fee was not in place when I bought the sofa, but I paid the fee for the ottoman. 

Maiden Home Dune Sofa with small family

Comfort & Build

Is the Dune Sofa Comfortable?

With ordering online, a comfy sofa was my top concern. The Dune is a deep sofa perfect for lounging, movie nights, and naps. 

I am 5’0″, and Jordan is 5’6″, and we both find it plenty deep to curl up our legs or stretch out. We love that the back cushions are removable because it makes a great napping spot or extra bed for guests.

The Dune has that lovely “sink-in” effect when you sit down while offering support. 

The bench cushion is a high-resiliency core wrapped with down, feathers, and fiber. After sitting for a while, there is an indent, but it goes back pretty quickly. 

We tend to gravitate to the right or left side when sitting on the sofa, so I was concerned about uneven wear in the middle. That isn’t an issue; however, I flip the bench cushion about once a week.

Over the last year, the bench cushion has flattened some and now hangs over the front edge by an inch or two. However, it doesn’t slide off; we never have to push it back onto the couch because it’s heavy!

As with any relaxed-style sofa, you may not have enough lumbar support after sitting for a while. However, this is easily fixed with some lumbar throw pillows. 

Overall, we are more than happy with the comfort level of this sofa. Compared to other brands I was interested in, the Dune sofa balances comfort, support, and low maintenance. 


Since we were investing money in this sofa, it was essential to have quality furniture. 

Maiden Home’s products are custom-made in the United States, and the frames are built in North Carolina. The sofa’s solid kiln-dried wooden frame makes it less likely to warp or crack.

Although we don’t often sit on the arms, you can sit on them or lean against them without feeling like they will break.

When I saw this sofa in person, I knew instantly that the sofa frame was exceptionally well-made. 

It’s also quite heavy, so it doesn’t slide around easily, which is one of my annoyances with our old sofa. 

Dune sofa in minimalist living room

Durable Performance Fabrics

I didn’t know what performance fabric was until I started my search for a white sofa. 

Let me tell you, it is life-changing!

Stain-Resistant Fabric

Maiden Home weaves Crypton Home technology into its performance fabrics. This technology allows liquids to bead up on the surface, and other stains come out easily.

They are also Greenguard certified, so no chemicals are used in manufacturing. This feature also prevents smelly chemical off-gassing after unwrapping.

One year later, I can attest that we have had coffee spills, dark soda spills, pizza sauce, and even baby poop on this sofa. 

The liquids bead up and blot off easily if addressed quickly. I followed the Maiden Home recommendations for the other stains by lifting them with soap and water and then blotting them. 

I have washed the back cushion covers but not the entire slip cover. The pillow covers came out great; no shrinkage or wrinkling. 

Update 2024: The slipcover continues to hold up incredibly well. With a two-year-old and a baby, there is always a chocolate or juice spill. I wait until the stains become an eyesore and toss everything in the wash. Often, the stains have been sitting on the fabric for weeks, and it always comes out looking good as new.

For the most part, I have just used water and mild detergent on the gentle cycle. Recently, I started experimenting with the Crypton stain remover. I haven’t noticed a significant difference. The only stain I have not successfully removed is a charcoal smudge from a candle wick. Nothing seems to work on this!


In addition to stain-resistant fabric, we also wanted high durability for kids.

Maiden Home says their fabrics hold up to heavy-duty residential use and will not develop unsightly pilling with daily wear.

Unfortunately, pilling is an issue with the Performance Linen. 

We gently use our sofa, and I noticed pilling after just eight weeks of gentle use. This is with two adults, no pets, and an infant.

The pills remove easily with my pilling machine. While it’s not an eyesore or noticeable to anyone but me, for the price point, I expected better quality.

Update 2024: I am still getting pilling, but it is no more than when I purchased the sofa. After washing I clean it up with my pilling machine.

Fabric Samples

Maiden Home offers complimentary fabric swatches. Take advantage of this to get a feel for your desired texture and color. Then, see how they look in different lighting and throughout the day.

I ordered almost every color and fabric option and tested spilling liquid and food on them. (I also compared West Elm and Six Penny performance linen samples. Maiden Home is better!)

The Maiden Home Performance Linen and Performance Textured Linen were the winning upholstery options.

Our decision ultimately came down to price and the most stain-resistant fabric. We chose the Performance Linen (22% linen, 78% cotton) in color Oyster, a beautiful off-white tone. It gives me the linen look, doesn’t wrinkle, and is quite soft. 

Maiden Home Dune sofa review in living room

Customization Options

There are many customization options for the Dune Sofa. 

In addition to customizing the size, fabric, and color options, you also choose the back cushions and the cushions filling. 

Back Cushions

Maiden Home offers two customization options for the back cushions: scatter back or two rectangular “classic” pillows.

The scatter-back is more casual, while the classic cushions appear more sophisticated. We chose the classic cushions. 

There were many negative reviews regarding the scatter-back, and I liked the minimal aesthetic of two large back cushions. I’m pleased with our decision!

Cushion Filling

The default cushion filling is a down feather, but you can also request a down alternative cushion. 

I was excited about the down feathers because they seemed so high-end. However, I don’t think I would go for them again. The main reason is that it looks like a chicken coop in my living room when I remove the covers to wash. Feathers everywhere! 

On a daily basis, it’s alright. We find a stray feather floating around here or there, which doesn’t bother us.

We also get randomly poked by a feather sticking out of the back cushions. Loose feathers won’t surprise or bother you if you are familiar with down feathers. 

However, I like that the down feather cushions can be easily fluffed and reshaped. 

Update 2024: The excess feathers have calmed down. We get a stay feather here and there, but it doesn’t bother me. I also love that the feather pillows can be easily fluffed again.

Ordering & Customer Service

Purchasing a high-end piece of furniture was stressful because I wanted to make a good decision and save money. 

Having a Maiden Home designer to communicate throughout the process was very helpful. 

When we struggled to choose a chaise sectional vs. a sofa with an ottoman, the customer service rep answered all our questions. They even sent diagrams with each ottoman size proportional to the 100″ sofa. 

Regarding updates and tracking the progress of the sofa, this was easy through Maiden Home’s online account. 

dune sofa delivery day

Delivery Day

To put it gently, the delivery company used in North Carolina is terrible.

Maiden Home fulfilled the order in the promised time frame (12 weeks). The sofa was delivered well-packaged and required no assembly. 

The delivery company was another month out with deliveries. With supply chain issues in 2022, it’s understandable. 

After setting a date, they changed the delivery date and never informed us. In addition, when I tried to contact them multiple times leading up to the date, no one answered the phone, and I could not leave a message due to a full voice mailbox. 

I also emailed the delivery company’s customer service twice, and no one responded to my email. 

When the delivery guys finally arrived, they were not interested in turning the sofa at any angle to get it up the stairs to our third-floor apartment. 

This sofa was no bigger than our old sofa. 

We offered ideas for getting it upstairs, but they told me they had done it for a long time and it wouldn’t fit.

Long story short, I told them to leave it, and we carried it up ourselves! 

I realize Maiden Home has no control over the delivery teams. Still, since they now charge a white glove fee, they should vet the delivery companies better because it reflects their brand.

Maiden home dune sofa in living room

Final Verdict

Two Months: We love our maiden home sofa just eight weeks in! We love lounging, watching TV together, nursing the baby, or working. I’m so glad I took a risk and bought the white fabric slipcover. I am also thankful we invested our money into a sofa with the aesthetic and comfort level we wanted. I hope the slipcover continues to hold up to wear over time!

Eleven Months: We are still enjoying our Dune sofa and are pleased the performance fabric is holding up to spills and stains! I also love the minimal aesthetic and firm yet comfy cushions. It’s my favorite napping spot!

Update 2024: I love our Dune sofa! I often think about what a great investment it was to get performance fabric. I don’t feel anxious about my kids touching the couch or accidentally spilling stuff. I think I am more relaxed with a white sofa than any other piece of furniture I’ve owned!

Would I purchase the Dune Sofa again?

When we purchased, there were few plush, deep sofas with a clean, tailored appearance.

Since then, I’ve seen more quality sofas in this style for quite a bit less. If I were doing it again, I would maybe try something at a lower price point. Still, it’s hard to beat the Maiden Home performance fabric and the insanely durable sofa frame!

Update 2024: Regarding aesthetics, many sofas can give you that California casual look. However, I have sat on many of those sofas, and none compare with the comfort profile of the Dune. The depth of the bench cushion combined with the sink-in effect of the bench cushion and back pillows—it’s hard to compete with that! Additionally, the performance fabric is honestly worth every penny. I will never buy a sofa again that does not have performance fabric! The slipcover is also an amazing feature, and I doubt I will ever return to an upholstered sofa. I am more satisfied with my purchase two years later because I can see that this sofa is holding up to so much wear and tear!

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  1. I have had a very disappointing experience with Maiden Home. Loved my sectional on Day 1 but within a few months, we had fabric pulling and cushion covers splitting at the seam, and squeaking in the frame. Overall underwhelmed with customer service’s willingness to resolve (they are verrrrry slow, it’s been almost a year and I’m still waiting on a replacement corner cushion that didn’t fit properly!) I agree with your assessment that there are many better options especially for the price.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I’m sorry your experiance was negative 🙁 It’s disappointing when that happens when you invest in a higher-end piece of furniture!

        1. Sharon, thanks for reading my review and for commenting! At the end of this post, I linked a few other white slipcover sofas at different price points that could be good options. In particular, I really like the look of the Shelter Skirted Slipcover Sofa from West Elm (it’s about half the price I spent on the Dune.) Recently, West Elm has come out with some lovely slipcover sofa looks. I think I would also reconsider the York Slipcovered sofa from Pottery Barn since it’s around the same price point as the Dune. I have not purchased sofas from either of these brands though so I can’t vouch for the quality or experiance! Good luck finding your sofa, I’ll be sending you good vibes!

          1. What are the other options you would look at as I was about to pull the trigger and buy

  2. Thank you so much for the response. I have looked at all of those and it’s really confusing
    I finally got my own home. By myself so proud and cannot decorate . So I heard buy a couch then the rest fall in place. I love the way you layer the rugs also.