ikea frames gallery wall
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Easy Budget Gallery Wall With Ikea RIBBA Frames

Custom-look Ikea frames gallery wall using the RIBBA picture frames and black and white family photos. 

ikea frames gallery wall

This minimalist gallery wall created the perfect focal point in my living room. 

People always ask me where I got the frames and how much they cost. I have to smile because it’s the most inexpensive and easy gallery wall you could put together!

Creating a gallery wall may seem easy, but it actually requires a lot of skill and practice. So feeling frustrated is normal!

The good news is I have a super easy solution for you!

In this post, I’m sharing all the details of how I created my easy gallery wall using inexpensive Ikea frames and command strips.

how to create a gallery wall on a budget

A gallery wall is a great way to create a focal point and get a modern look in your home.

I used to be so scared of putting things on my walls in our apartments because I didn’t want it to look messy and cluttered. 

However, the empty walls made my space look more like a rental than anything else! 

A gallery wall is an awesome way to personalize your home by adding art or displaying family photos.

how to create a gallery wall on a budget

If you’ve been looking into creating a gallery wall like this, you’re probably aware that frames (especially large frames) are super expensive. 

Before you know it, the cost of the frames, along with the pictures/art, is a small fortune.

I searched everywhere for cheap oversized black frames and stumbled on the Ribba Ikea picture frames.  

I knew right away it was the perfect fit for my gallery wall. 

Not only was it only $14.99 at the time, but it comes in so many different sizes and includes a white gallery-style mat with each frame.

What a deal!

You can always opt for custom mats or use your own mats if you have a size that matches.

I purchased the 19 3/4″ X 27 1/2″ size. The matt allows for a 16×20 photo which is the perfect size to display wedding and engagement pictures.

NOTE: The frames do not have hardware to hang them up, so you have to be creative or use command strips like me!

ikea frames gallery wall

I was slightly worried when the frames came in because the materials appeared low-cost. 

Let me assure you, once these frames are all put together with the pictures, they look anything but cheap!

Two recurring themes in the online reviews concerned me initially but were not a problem. 

  • Negative reviews about the polycarbonate material used instead of glass. I didn’t want the poly material to look wavy or cheap. A protective film on the front of the poly panel is removed as a final step. Once the protective film is removed, the ploy looks like glass, especially hanging on the wall. Plus, if you have kids, poly material is a bonus!
  • Negative reviews about the sides of the frame “warping” or “bowing out.” I received the frames the day before we went on vacation, so they sat in our humid apartment for about a week. When we returned, I noticed the sides of the frames had bowed out slightly. However, if you follow the directions inside the frame, you insert some small screws into the sides of the frame to help correct the bowing issue. 
Ikea gallery wall

Black and White Photos

For the photos, I decided on classic black-and-white images. Minimal color variation makes the gallery wall look streamlined and doesn’t interfere with other colors in the room. 

I purchased some of our favorite photos in 16×20 sized posters through Shutterfly. (Shutterfly often runs sales, so keep an eye out so you get a good deal.)

how to create a gallery wall on a budget


Step 1: Add Photos to Frames

  • Lay the frame face-down on a smooth surface. 
  • Open the back of the frame and center the photos on the white mat. 
  • I added a little piece of tape to each corner of the photos to hold it in place. 
  • Replace the back of the frame and follow the instructions for screwing in place. 

TIP: I recommend putting the art in first because taking the frames up and down after placement with the command strips can be a little tricky. 

Step 2: Measure for Frame Placement

This gallery wall is straightforward for measurements because it’s not an extravagant grid gallery wall. 

All you need is a taped level line guide/laser level and a physical level.

To be honest, I eyeball many things in my home, but this requires a little more precision.

  • I started by having Jordan hold the middle frames on the wall. After they looked centered, I used a level to ensure they were even. 
  • Next, I used a pencil to mark the tops of the frame. 
  • Once marked, use a large piece of blue painter’s tape to create a level plum line for the other frames.

NOTE: This was our first time hanging a gallery wall, so you may have a more straightforward method to ensure a level line!

Step 3: Command Strips / Canvas Hangers

  • Next, add command strips to the back of the frame. 

Command strips are a renter’s best friend, but they are also great if you don’t want to make a lot of holes in your walls. 

Each command strip has two pieces velcroed together and a sticky pad on either side. 

If your picture frames are shallow enough, you can place an entire command strip on the frame backing.

The Ribba frame’s backing is too far inset into the frame for this to work. 

Instead, I cut each command strip in half length-wise, then placed them along the perimeter of the actual frames. 

Because these frames are large, I used about five full command strips cut in half for each frame. Anything less, and the frame won’t hold well. 

Leave the outside command strip backing on until you are prepared to hang it on the wall. 

NOTE: Command strips don’t work with every frame, but the Ribba frames are incredibly light-weight. I don’t recommend using command strips with glass picture frames.

UPDATE 2023: Command now has Canvas Hangers, which are a great option instead of using individual command strips. It’ll make the whole hanging process easier and switching out your art a breeze!

  • Start with the middle frames and work your way out. 
  • Remove the command strip backing for the first frame and line up with your level line.
  • Before pressing onto the wall, use a level to ensure it is completely even.
  • Press firmly onto the wall. 
  • The first frame is now the guide to hang the other frames. 
  • If something is uneven, you can always detach the frame from the wall and make slight adjustments. 
  • As we added frames to the wall, we bridged our level between a hanging frame and the one we were hanging to ensure it was level.

Finally, step back and enjoy the stunning gallery wall you just created! 

ikea frames gallery wall

The frames and pictures for this gallery wall totaled about $120 including shipping for the frames. If you live locally to an IKEA you could do it for cheaper.

I absolutely love this gallery wall!

There are so many ways to arrange these frames, whether hung on the wall or styled in a gallery ledge shelf.

No matter what you choose to do, I hope you feel inspired to add something to your walls today!


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    1. How did you connect the frames to the wall? I’m having issues with the same frames and can’t figure it out

      1. Hey Kristin, thanks for commenting. When I first hung these frames, I used nails, but they are so difficult to hang because of how shallow the bracket is. Since then, I purchased command strips, trimmed them in half length-wise, and then attached them around the frames’ perimeter. This works really well because the frames are very lightweight and the command strips don’t leave any marks on the wall after removal. Let me know how that works for you!

  1. Hi Caitlin,
    The prints look supurb on your wall. just a question about the mat window size, is it slightly smaller than your actual 16 x20 prints or is it exactly 16 x 20?

        1. Hi Colleen, thanks for the question! So I believe I did the poster prints option. I’m not sure if I opted for glossy, pearl, or matte (it was a couple years ago); however, I usually go with the matte options whenever possible!

  2. Hi! How did you determine which wall to use for your gallery? I have a corner couch and am having a hard time figuring out which wall to place the gallery. Thank you!

    1. Gina, Thanks for the comment! It’s hard to say without seeing it in person, but I think wall galleries look really nice above a couch or a buffet. If you want to, feel free to send me some photos on IG or to my email caitlindelayblog@gmail.com. Good luck!

  3. Hi Caitlin,

    I have the Ribba frame but was wondering how to hang them using command strips as the back of the frame is thinner than the command strip size.

    Pls let me know how you hung the frames on the wall.


    1. Hi there Radhika! Thanks for the question 🙂 I actually cut the command strip in half length-wise. The Ribba frame is pretty thin, but cutting in half works well on the thin frame and still secures it on the wall. Hope this answers your question!